Definitions for terms beginning with the letter L

Richard Long, 'South Bank Circle' 1991
Land artists like as Richard Long make art directly in the landscape or use natural materials, such as rocks and twigs, to make structures

Richard Long
South Bank Circle 1991
Delabole slate
© Richard Long
Tate glossary definition for Laboratoire Agit’Art: Founded in Dakar in 1974, a revolutionary and subversive art collective that sought to combine traditional African performance and creativity with a modern aesthetic
Tate glossary definition for Lacanian: Refers to the thinking and writing of Jacques Lacan (1901–1981), a prominent French psychoanalyst and theorist, whose ideas had a huge impact on critical theory in the twentieth century
Tate glossary definition for Lahore Art Circle: Group founded in 1952 by young Pakistani artists and writers who aspired towards modernism and abstraction.
Tate glossary definition for land art: Land art is made directly in the landscape, sculpting it into earthworks or making structures using natural materials found in the landscape such as rocks or twigs
Tate glossary definition for landscape: One of the principal types or genres of subject for Western art
Tate glossary definition for lettrisme: French avant-garde movement founded in the 1940s which takes the form of visual poetry, with artists using calligraphic techniques to superimpose letters on various objects from furniture to film
Tate glossary definition for lightbox: A box with a translucent white surface fitted with an internal light source, commonly a fluorescent tube or small incandescent bulbs
Tate glossary definition for linocut: A relief print produced in a manner similar to a woodcut but that uses linoleum as the surface into which the design is cut and printed from
Tate glossary definition for lithography: A printing process that uses a flat stone or metal plate on which the image areas are worked using a greasy substance so that the ink will adhere to them by, while the non-image areas are made ink-repellent
Tate glossary definition for live art: Performance undertaken by an artist or a group of artists as a work of art, usually innovative and exploratory in nature
Tate glossary definition for London Group: Exhibiting group founded in 1913 to organise modern art exhibitions in Britain
Tate glossary definition for luminism: Term meaning roughly, painting of light and applied specifically to the American landscape painters of the Hudson River School from about 1830–70