New Objectivity

New Objectivity is the English translation of 'Neue Sachlichkeit', a German modern realist movement of the 1920s, described by one of its founders as ‘new realism bearing a socialist flavour’

Christian Schad, ‘Agosta, the Pigeon-Chested Man, and Rasha, the Black Dove’ 1929
Christian Schad
Agosta, the Pigeon-Chested Man, and Rasha, the Black Dove 1929
Lent from a private collection 2000
© Christian Schad Stiftung Aschaffenburg/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn and DACS, London 2018
George Grosz, ‘A Married Couple’ 1930
George Grosz
A Married Couple 1930
© DACS, 2018

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