The term Nsukka Group refers to a revivalist movement that began at the University of Nigeria in 1970 which promoted the traditional painting in Nigeria in order to raise questions about ethnic identity

The movement began following the appointment of the artist Uche Okeke as head of the Fine Art Department at the University. Okeke had been a proponent of natural synthesis, and after the Nigerian civil war sought to explore Nigerian identity through traditional uli art. He took the aesthetics of uli – a flat, decorative style of art, usually drawn onto the body that features specific motifs and symbols – and applied it to contemporary Nigerian art, inspiring his students to follow suit. As a result the Nsukka Group was formed and has been influential in the development of modern Nigerian art.

Artists associated with the Nsukka Group include Tayo Adenaike, El Anatsui, Chike Aniakor, Olu Oguibe, Uche Okeke, Ada Udechukwu and Obiora Udechukwu.