Definitions for terms beginning with the letter U

Dame Barbara Hepworth, 'Three Forms' 1935
Unit One was a group formed in 1933 to promote modern art in Britain

Dame Barbara Hepworth
Three Forms 1935
Serravezza marble
© Bowness, Hepworth Estate
Tate glossary definition for ugly realism: A style of painting developed in the 1970s that combined fine draughtsmanship with images that were considered ugly
Tate glossary definition for the uncanny: A Freudian concept which describes the strange and anxious feeling individuals might sometimes experience with familiar objects
Tate glossary definition for underground art: First used in relation to the cultural phenomenon of the 1960s and early 1970s where groups of creatives were regarded as existing outside or on the fringes of popular culture
Tate glossary definition for Unit One: British group formed by Paul Nash in 1933 to promote modern art, architecture and design
Tate glossary definition for the Useful Art Association: An association started in New York by artist Tania Bruguera which promotes the idea of art as a process that should have real effect in society rather than be a rarefied spectator experience