Vivo-dito is a term coined by the Argentinean artist Alberto Greco to express the contradictory position he found himself in with relation to life and the institution of art 

Vivo-dito means ‘the act of pointing’ and was devised by Greco to describe the oppositional forces as he saw them, of living and representation. In his manifesto he said ‘Living art is the adventure of reality… Living art is contemplation and direct communication’. He wanted to end what he perceived of as art’s separateness from life – from the premeditated act of creating art, to its display in galleries and exhibitions. He felt that life with its ‘motions, time, people, conversations, odors, rumors, places and situations’ is living art. To illustrate the paradox between art and life he devised a number of enigmatic performances in which he drew lines in chalk around passers-by in the street and signed them.

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