World of Art (Mir Iskusstva)

A Russian avant-garde artistic group promoted through the journal of the same name that ran from 1898 to 1905

Marc Chagall, ‘The Poet Reclining’ 1915
Marc Chagall
The Poet Reclining 1915
© ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2018
El Lissitzky, ‘4. Anxious People’ 1923
El Lissitzky
4. Anxious People 1923
Wassily Kandinsky, ‘Swinging’ 1925
Wassily Kandinsky
Swinging 1925

Serge Diaghilev was instrumental in founding the group and organising its first exhibition in St Petersburg in January 1899. The group offered a focus for post-impressionist, symbolist and aesthetic developments in Russian art, with particular emphasis on the history and folklore of Russia.

Original members included artists Leon Bakst and Ivan Bilibin. Newcomers in the final exhibition of the original group in 1906 included Alexei Jawlenski and Mikhail Larionov.

The group’s series of exhibitions was revived in 1910 by Alexandre Benois and ran until 1924 with new members including Marc Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky, El Lissitzky and Vladimir Tatlin.

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