Mark Dion, 'Tate Thames Dig' 1999
Mark Dion
Tate Thames Dig 1999
Mixed media
unconfirmed: 2660 x 3700 x 1260 mm
Purchased with assistance from private benefactors 2000© Mark Dion

An exploration of Mark Dion’s Tate Thames Dig, through documentation and analysis of key themes 

About Tate Thames Dig

An introduction to the Tate Thames Dig project

The artist

Find out more about Mark Dion

The dig

A behind the scenes look at the processes involved in finding, cleaning, sorting and presenting the artefacts that make up Tate Thames Dig

Cabinet of curiosities

The artefacts uncovered in the Tate Thames Dig are presented in a or cabinet of curiosities (or 'wunderkammern'): discover more about the history of presenting found treasures in this way

Art or archeology?

Archeologist Colin Renfrew examines the convergence between art and archeology in Tate Thames Dig


Look more closely: Activity and discussion suggestions for groups