Mark Dion, Tate Thames Dig, 1999

Mark Dion is a sculptor and installation artist. His practice incorporates aspects of archeology, ecology and detection and his projects focus primarily on current issues surrounding the representation of nature and on the history of the natural sciences. By re-enacting the processes of scientific research, Dion questions the premises upon which these activities are based. His investigations have led him to construct laboratories and to embark on experiments and expeditions.

An essential aspect of his methodology is collaboration with other artists, scientists, community groups, and both art and non-art institutions. His work can take the form of installation, sculpture, performance or film and video. Typically, these present a reworking of the orthodox procedures of collecting, identifying and classifying to suggest a more poetic and open-ended approach to interpretation.

Mark Dion was born in 1961 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA, he lives and works in Pennsylvania.