George Jones Interior of Turners Gallery circa 1852
George Jones
Interior of Turner’s Gallery c.1852
Oil on panel
14 x 23 cm

An illustrated exploration of J.M.W. Turner’s gallery in the West End of London, including a bitesize biography of Turner.

Visit a reconstruction of Turner’s Gallery, view the paintings he chose to display, and discover Turner’s talent as a gallery designer through his sketches and plans.

About Turner's Gallery

Find out why Turner designed his own gallery and visit a reconstruction of the space

Joseph Mallord William Turner, 'General View of Gallery' circa 1808-10 Designs, plans and sketches

Turner took a hands-on approach to the design of his gallery, planning everything from lighting, to the the picture hang, as his sketchbooks reveal

Turner: A bitesize biography

This bitesize biography provides an introduction to Turner’ life and career