William Blake, 'Nebuchadnezzar' 1795/circa 1805
William Blake
Nebuchadnezzar 1795/circa 1805
Colour print finished in ink and watercolour on paper
support: 543 x 725 mm
frame: 661 x 829 x 50 mm
Presented by W. Graham Robertson 1939

An introduction to the life and work of visionary artist and poet William Blake

Life of Blake

In this bitesize story of his life, discover the ups and downs that inspired and shaped Blake's ideas and work

Songs of Innocence and Experience

Listen to a selection of poems from Songs of Innocence and of Experience in specially-commissioned recordings, and explore their meanings


Explore some of the ideas and themes expressed in the longest and most maginicent of Blake's works

Blake's cast of characters

Find out about the various characters in Blake's personal mythology and their meaning in his imaginary world

Illustrations to Dante

In 1824, Blake began a commission to make a series of illustrations based on Dante’s Divine Comedy: listen to passages from Dante's iconic work and discover how they inspired Blake

Blake's London

Born in London and living most of his life there, discover the places where Blake lived, worked and drew inspiration from