Blake believed in the primacy of the imagination. This section reviews the various characters in Blake's personal mythology and their meaning in his imaginary world.
In Jerusalem, his greatest prophetic book, Blake famously wrote 'I must create a system, or be enslav'd by another man's. I will not reason & compare: my business is to create'
So while other poets might be content to use characters from the Bible, or from Greek and Roman myth, Blake created his own mythology populated by a host of beings that he himself had either invented, or re-interpreted.

Explore Blake's cast of characters

  • Albion

    Personification of England

  • Enitharmon

    Represents spiritual beauty and poetic inspiration

  • Ghost of a Flea

    One of the visionary figures who populated Blake's visions

  • Los

    Personifies poetry and the creative imagination

  • Nebuchadnezzar

    The personification of a fallen tyrant

  • Newton

    Personification of Man Limited by Reason

  • Oothoon

    Personification of free love frustrated

  • Orc

    Personification of the revolutionary spirit

  • Urizen

    Personification of reason, repression and authority