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Video: The Ghost of a Flea by William Blake

TATE ETC. online exclusive: William Blake’s The Ghost of a Flea

TATE ETC. artcicle: Other Worlds: William Blake by Catherine Stout

Research article: William Blake’s 1809 Exhibition

Research article: Lost in the Crowd: Blake and London in 1809

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The Blake Archive

A hypermedia archive based at the University of Virginia, USA. The Blake Archive was conceived as an international public resource providing unified access to major works of visual and literary art.

The British Library: Discovering Literature – William Blake

Online resource with articles and essays about William Blake as well as images of original Blake manuscripts including his diary.

The Poetry Society

The Poetry Society exists to help poets and poetry thrive in Britain today. Established in 1909, the Poetry Society is a membership organisation open to all.

The Poetry Library 

Founded in 1953 to support and promote modern British poetry, the Poetry Library contains over 65,000 volumes, aiming to stock all poetry published in the U.K. since about 1912.

Preston Blake Collection 

Selected original works from the Preston Blake Collection, the largest library collection on Blake in the UK. The collection is held by the City of Westminster Archives Centre. The Centre is open without charge to the general public, a short walk from Tate Britain.

Further reading

This web-site is synthesized from various sources. Here is a topic-based list of the books that were referred to in creating the site. It should be useful to anyone wishing to pursue their interest in Blake.

NOTE: The authors would like to acknowledge a very special debt to three sources in particular, Jerusalem, The Emanation of the Giant Albion edited by Morton D. Paley, The Illuminated Blake by David V. Erdman and A Blake Dictionary by S. Foster Damon. Without these exceptional works the sections introducing Jerusalem, the Songs of Innocence and of Experience and Blake’s cast of characters could never have been written.

Blake’s life 

Blake by Peter Ackroyd (Vintage, London, 1999) 
The Life of William Blake by Alexander Gilchrist (Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1998) 
Blake Prophet Against Empire David V. Erdman (Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1991)

Blake’s art 

William Blake by William Vaughan (Tate Gallery Publishing, London (no date given)) 
William Blake by Kathleen Raine (Thames & Hudson Ltd, London, 1970) 

Blake’s imagination 

A Blake Dictionary by S. Foster Damon Revised Edition with a new foreword and annotated bibliography by Morris Eaves (University Press of New England, Hanover and London, 1988)

Blake’s illuminated books 

The Illuminated Blake by David V. Erdman (Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1992) 
The Illuminated Books Volume 1: Jerusalem, The Emanation of the Giant Albion Edited by Morton D. Paley (Princeton University Press, New Jersey, 1991) 
The Illuminated Books Volume 5: Milton a Poem Edited by Robert N. Essick and Joseph Viscomi (Princeton University Press, New Jersey, 1993) 
Songs of Experience: Facsimile Reproduction with 26 Plates in Full Color (Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1984) 
Songs of Innocence: Color Facsimile of the First Edition with 31 Color Plates (Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1971) 
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell in Full Color (Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1994)

Blake – poetry and art 

Blake’s Poetry and Designs: A Norton Critical Edition edited by Mary Lynn Johnson and John E. Grant (W..W.Norton & Company, New York London, 1979)

Blake’s illustrations to Dante

The Divine Comedy with the Illustrations of William Blake: A New Translation and Introduction by James Finn Cotter (Amity House, New York (no date given)) 
The Divine Comedy Tracing God’s Art by Marguerite Mills Chiarenza (Twayne Publishers, Boston, 1989)

Blake’s Songs – commentaries

Songs of Innocence and Of Experience and Other Works edited by R.B.Kennedy (MacDonald and Evans, London, 1970) 
English Romantic Poets: Modern Essays in criticism edited by M.H. Abrams (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2nd ed, 1975) 
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Macmillan Master Guides: Songs of Innocence & of Experience by Alan Tomlinson (Macmillan Press Ltd., Basingstoke and London, 1987)

Blake’s times

London Life in the Eighteenth Century by M. Dorothy George (Penguin, London, 2nd edition, 1965)