William Blake was a Londoner. Born in Soho in 1757, he died off the Strand nearly seventy years later. Except for three years by the Sussex seaside, Blake spent his entire life in the capital. Though he loathed its misery and darkness, it was only in London, he wrote, that he could 'carry on his visionary studies...see visions, dream dreams'. 

  • Map showing the places in London associated with the life and work of William Blake, Tate online learning resource

London famously appears in the Songs of Experience as the scene of exploitation and social injustice. The city, centre of government and Britain’s war economy, also plays a key part in the Prophetic Books, particularly Jerusalem.

Explore Blake’s London places:

1. 28 Broad Street
2. St James’s Church
3. Mr Par’s Drawing School in the Strand
4. 31 Queen Street, Lincoln’s Inn
5. Westminster Abbey
6. Royal Society of Arts
7. Royal Academy, New Somerset House
8. Green Street, Leicester Square
9. 27 Broad Street
10. 28 Poland Street
11. 13 Hercules Buildings
12. 17 South Molton Street
13. Fountain Court, The Strand
14. St Mary’s Battersea
15. Bunhill Fields
16. Paolozzi’s Newton, British Library
17. Tate Britain