Do I need to make a booking to bring a school group to Tate?

Yes, any school group of more than ten students needs to make an advance booking with us. This applies even for self led visits, as we need to monitor numbers coming into the gallery. This is for health and safety reasons, so the galleries do not become overcrowded and potentially unsafe.  By booking in school groups and keeping a track of numbers, gallery visits remain pleasant and comfortable for visiting school groups and gallery visitors alike.

How many students can I bring on a visit?

Schools are welcome to bring up to a maximum of 120 children on a self led visit per day. We are unable to accommodate groups larger than this as we have a limited number of school group arrivals per day for Health & Safety reasons and wish to give as many schools as possible the chance to visit the galleries.

My students are studying a particular artwork, how do I find out if it is on display?

To find out if a particular artwork will be on display when you visit, you can either check Tate’s website, by searching for the artwork, artist or medium in art & artists.

Alternatively, our Information team are happy to help you with any display queries. Our Information team can be reached at these contacts;

Email: visiting.britain&
Call: +44 (0)20 7887 8888 (09.00–18.00, daily)

Do you have resources for your paid exhibitions?

We aim to provide resources that can be used for all our paid exhibitions. All our resources are designed to promote a sense of ownership and agency for you and your students, encouraging a confident, inquisitive and imaginative use of the space. Our range can be viewed and many can be downloaded here:

If you would like more information on our resources and how they can support learning in the galleries, our resource coordinators can be contacted via

How many students can I take to a workshop?

Our workshop sizes are limited to 16 students per workshop (with a minimum of 10 students). Schools can book up to two workshops, per term, per gallery - catering for 32 students in total. Our groups are small in size as we aim to deliver workshops where students are able to maximise their experience in the gallery, and with the artist leading their session, to support their deeper enjoyment and understanding of art

If you would like to enquire about booking a workshop, please call 020 7887 8888 (option 3) or email

Do the workshops have themes?

Tate schools workshops are devised and framed by artists with established practices.  Artists bring a particular approach to looking at art and the content of each workshop will vary according to the artists’ particular approach and ideas. Therefore, there are no themes as such as each artist operates from the distinct perspective of their own practice. Each workshop will take place in the gallery and will involve encountering artworks, looking, questioning and formulating responses.

If you would like to enquire about booking a workshop, please call 020 7887 8888 (option 3) or e-mail

I want to arrange a talk or tour for my students – do you do this?

Tate’s tours department organise all guided tours and talks. They can arrange a tour for your group based on general highlights of the permanent collection or tailor make a tour or talk to meet your group’s particular needs.There is a charge for this service, to discuss options and price quotes, the Tours Department can be reached at the following contacts:

Call: +44 (0) 2078874946

How do I book multimedia guides for my group?

Multimedia guides can be booked by contacting Tate’s multimedia guide supplier, Antenna International via If you wish to use a group guiding system during your visit, this can also be organised by contacting Antenna.

Where can I park at Tate Modern and Britain?

Both Tate Modern and Britain have limited on-site access parking. If you require access parking, please mention this to our bookings team, as the facility is limited at both galleries and spaces must be booked before your visit.