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    Blueprint Festival, MeYou&Us
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Tate Collective Liverpool meet regularly to plan and deliver activities and events for other young people aged 15–25 years, launching creative projects that engage with the Tate Collection and exhibitions at Tate Liverpool. Tate Collective works with local communities and cultural organisations to build a support network in the city for young people.

How to get involved

No art experience is needed to join the group. Tate Collective Liverpool is interested in working with 15-25 year olds, from diverse backgrounds, to use creativity to generate positive changes and improve opportunities for young people in the city.

Drop in and say hi at the next group gathering! Email Abigail Christenson or Mike Stout to find out more about this. 

Find out what’s on at Tate Liverpool for young people.

Previous projects

From making artworks with artists to curating an exhibition in the gallery, to publishing a zine as well as hosting music events, Tate Collective Liverpool have worked on a wide range of projects that reflect the interests of young people in the city.

A selected examples of Tate Collective Liverpool’s previous projects include:  

Who are you?

Tracy Emin’s infamous self-portrait, My Bed (1998), instigated Tate Collective Liverpool to create an evolving artwork with the public by collecting confessions of happiest, wildest and most funny memories for this momentary display in the gallery.

Art Gym 

Inspired by a traditional gym, Art Gym offered visitors of all ages and abilities the chance to make a personal training programme, designed to learn new creative skills or develop existing ones. This interactive exhibition was set in a custom built space co-designed with Turner prize winners, Assemble to host three weeks’ worth of programme curated by Tate Collective Liverpool. The programme included regular drop in activities and offered daily special sessions.

Tate Collective Presents…

Tate Collective Liverpool collaborated with Barby Asante and sorryyoufeeluncomfortable for a weekend project exploring identity and politics through art, writing, and performance in response to the exhibition - Glenn Ligon: Encounters and Collision.

Liverpool CAMHS: Expressions of Emotions in Collaboration

Expressions of Emotions was an exhibition that resulted from a partnership between Tate Collective Liverpool and  Liverpool CAMHS showing artworks made by young people during a six week summer programme at Tate Liverpool.

Skilled-Up! Beats and Lyrics

Based on the Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots, artist, Ed Bruce shared different methods of mark making using paint which were later digitalised into gifs and glitch art with help from Tate Collective’s Digital Producer.

Walton Youth Project Takeover

Young artists from the Walton Youth Project, a partnership programme of Tate Collective Liverpool, took over the studio space in Liverpool and invited members of the public to change this environment by fillings it with 3D structures and drawing on the walls, floor and even ceilings using tape!

Warhol After Dark 

Hosted by Tate Collective Liverpool, Warhol After Dark was a one-off opportunity to view Transmitting Andy Warhol after gallery hours. Live performances by Modern Polymath, Beatrice Dillon and Kassem Mosse took place throughout the building.

Blueprint Festival

In 2014, Tate Collective Liverpool produced Blueprint which was a three day festival where visitors could experience surprising encounters with art installations, music, spoken word, dance, theatre and a parade of living sculptures.

Tate Collective Present… Film Screening and Tate Workshop

You Feel Like A Threat, Don’t You?

In collaboration with Ruth Ewan and Åbäke, Tate Collective Liverpool published a zine of anecdotes, sketches, interviews and photographs about young people’s experience of the city, use of urban spaces and how they are perceived by others.