Career advice, insights and tips on a range of jobs in the creative industries from those in the business

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  • Illustrator and textile designer John Booth provides his career advice for Tate Collectives
  • Fashion designer Sadie Clayton provides career advice for Tate Collectives
    Sadie Clayton at Tate Britain event 'After Hours: Nick Waplington/Alexander McQueen: Working Process', May 2015
  • Tracey Emin, 'Monument Valley (Grand Scale)' 1995-97
    Tracey Emin
    Monument Valley (Grand Scale) 1995-97
    Colour photograph on vinyl
    1220 x 1830 mm
    Presented by Tate Members 2004© Tracey Emin
  • Late at Tate April 2015 - Wretch 32
    Still from When I See You I See Me with Wretch 32

We asked artists, designers and other creatives about what their jobs involve; what skills, experience and qualifications they have; and to provide some advice for young people interested in doing what they do:

Illustrator and textile designer

As with any creative career, persist in what you do and what you love. Develop your work, seek feedback, be inspired by other artists, ignore the haters.

John Booth

Fashion designer 

At the age of fourteen when I realised that everyone in my town was conforming and I began to trawl through the charity shops wearing leopard print tights and nine sets of beads slung round my neck.

Sadie Clayton


Take drawing very seriously and take photo’s of things that you like. Keep a visual diary. And if you have trouble getting the right qualifications to get in University/Art School go to as many evening classes as possible.

Tracey Emin

Rapper and musician: 

It’s about hard work and dedication…the more hours you put in the more you’re going to get back…just try and be the best in your field.

Wretch 32