Open Systems
Rethinking Art c.1970
Tate Modern: Exhibition
1 June 18 September 2005
  • Braco Dimitrijevic, 'The Casual Passer-By I Met at 11.28 am, London, October 1972' 1972

    Braco Dimitrijevic
    The Casual Passer-By I Met at 11.28 am, London, October 1972 1972
    Photograph on paper
    displayed: 409 x 1016 mm
    Purchased 1983 Braco Dimitrijevic

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Open Systems: Rethinking Art c.1970 brings together the work of international artists who radically rethought the object of art in the late 1960s and 1970s. The featured artists sought to connect with the increasingly urgent political developments of the decade and make their work more responsive to the world around them. Building on the structures of Minimalism and Conceptualism, they reacted against art’s traditional focus on the object by adopting experimental aesthetic ‘systems’ across a variety of media including photography, dance, performance, painting, installation, video and film.

The exhibition includes key installations from the period and works by the following artists: