imagine art after
Tate Britain: Exhibition
5 October 20076 January 2008
Denis Hyka and Violana Murataj Finding Grandma's Garden 2007

Denis Hyka and Violana Murataj
Finding Grandma’s Garden

© Denis Hyka and Violana Murataj

Six artists show newly commissioned work as part of imagine art after, a contemporary art project devised in different stages and locations. Exploring insecurities triggered by the tension between migration and a sense of local cultural, political and social situations, imagine art after brings together artists who left their home countries and now live in London with artists who stayed.

The project began on Guardian Unlimited with online dialogues between pairs of artists from Afghanistan, Albania, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and Serbia. The work on display was produced after the dialogues, either individually or jointly, in most cases showing the profound impact the process had on the participating artists. Visit for more information.