Shelves of stored items from the Tate Library and Archive collections

You can search or browse for items in the Tate Archive collections online.

Using the catalogues

The catalogues include records for items from the Tate Archive collections, including posters and photographs, as well as Tate’s Public Records.

Most archives are catalogued as collections, in a hierarchical structure, with a top-level record describing the whole collection, second level records covering specific groups of material (e.g. correspondence) and further levels providing more detail within those groups.

We regret that we cannot give immediate access to uncatalogued Archive collections [PDF, 20 KB].

Use the online help integrated in the catalogue, or contact the Reading Rooms if you need further assistance.

You can also access the Library catalogue online.


Five items can be reserved in advance: email the item details to or call +44 (0)20 7887 8838.