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Tony Cragg: 'Be there, see it, respond to it'

We visit the studio of one of Britain's leading sculptors


Joan Jonas: ‘I am curious about life’

Jonas is one of the most important American artists to emerge in the late 1960s and early 1970s


Hudibras and Ralph taken Prisoner c.1664–77: By Francis Le Piper

Read technical information about this painting resulting from examination and scientific analysis by conservators and conservation scientists at Tate

Behind The Scenes

Conserving Modern Oil Paintings

How can science help us safeguard 20th and 21st century oil paintings for future generations?


Chila Kumari Burman – ‘Artists turn chaos into order’

The artist invites us into the ‘tiny little world’ of her East London studio


Bernard Cohen: ‘It’s a matter of dancing with chaos’

The British painter talks about his long career

Behind The Scenes

Conserving Whaam!

Watch Tate's conservation team revive Roy Lichtenstein's pop masterpiece


Raqib Shaw: ‘Taking craft to a crazy, romantic extreme’

The Indian-born, London-based artist's extraordinary paintings feature rich colours and intricate detail


Film meets Art – Chris Nolan inspired by Francis Bacon

Christopher Nolan discusses how Bacon’s paintings inspired the Joker in The Dark Knight


Amalia Pica: 'Can joy be a form of resistance?'

The Argentinian artist uses everyday objects to explore how joy and happiness can be a form of resistance


Catherine Yass: 'I try to make work that provokes thought'

The filmmaker and photographer shows us her studio and the camera she has been using for twenty-five years


Cristina Iglesias: ‘The viewer is fundamental in my work’

A Spanish installation artist and sculptor living and working in Madrid


Amar Kanwar: 'We make sense of life in bits and pieces'

The artist confronts social violence by exposing the use of sexual brutality to exert power in times of political conflict


Emeka Ogboh: 'Lagos is a city that is never silent'

When the Nigerian artist first moved to Berlin he couldn’t sleep because it was so quiet


Hannah Starkey: 'This is an important moment for women'

The Irish photographer's images explore female perspective both as the subject and viewer


Dexter Dalwood: Collective memories

The British artist talks about his 2010 St Ives exhibition

Look Closer

Stuart Brisley: Archives, Context and Memory

What can archives reveal about their creators and the context in which they were created?

Look Closer

Barbara Ker-Seymer and the Bright Young Things

Learn about photographer Barbara Ker-Seymer, and the radical approach to image-making she developed in the 1920s and 30s


Martin Parr: 'Photography is a form of therapy'

The Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol aims to collect, celebrate and raise the status of British documentary photographers


Susan Norrie: Transit

The Australian artist works with photography, film and documentary shown in large-scale multimedia installations