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ARTIST ROOMS: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

ARTIST ROOMS is a collection of international contemporary art which has been created through one of the largest and most ...


ARTIST ROOMS blog: Richard Long: Bideford to London

Ella Aurora from the Burton Art Gallery Youth Collective blogs about the group's visit to London to see works ...

ARTIST ROOMS: Louise Bourgeois inspired outreach in Southampton

This blog looks at how the ARTIST ROOMS Louise Bourgeois exhibition at Southampton City Art Gallery inspired outreach projects with ...

ARTIST ROOMS blog: Robert Mapplethorpe and 21st Century Audiences

Frank Wasser writes about his experience guiding groups through displays at Tate’s London galleries and how Robert Mapplethorpe’s ...

ARTIST ROOMS: Robert Mapplethorpe: Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Learn how Robert Mapplethorpe's photography work was received and the controversy that surrounded his artwork

ARTIST ROOMS blog: Don McCullin's advice to young creative people

Don McCullin, 80 years old today, is widely recognised as one of the most important photographers of our time. His ...


ARTIST ROOMS blog: Diane Arbus portraiture workshops in Kirkcaldy

Photographer and educator Alicia Bruce writes about her workshops on portraiture inspired by the ARTIST ROOMS Diane Arbus exhibition at ...

ARTIST ROOMS Georg Baselitz - New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester

Hugo Worthy, Exhibitions Officer for Contemporary Art, and James Hickford, Marketing Manager, talk us through the ARTIST ROOMS Georg Baselitz ...


ARTIST ROOMS Louise Bourgeois - Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh

Lucy Askew (Senior Curator), Jerry Gorovoy (President of The Easton Foundation) and Anthony d’Offay (ex-officio curator of ARTIST ROOMS ...


ARTIST ROOMS blog: Responses: working with Francesca Woodman at Oriel Davies

Helen Kozich, Learning Officer at Oriel Davies tells us about the photography and choreography workshops that were inspired by Francesca ...