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Tate Modern Talk

Seminar: We Can't Be There Chaired by Yasmina Reggad

27 Jun 2015
We Can't Be There is series of public events featuring artists in dialogue with academics, writers, and cultural commentators ...
Tate Modern Film

TV as Material 3: The Television Studio

27 Sep 2014
TV as material 3: The Television Studio film as part of TV as material film series at Tate Modern 26 ...
Tate Modern Workshop

Art matters Contemporary art and philosophy with children

29 May 2016

Discuss contemporary art and philosophy whilst exploring the Material Worlds collection display

Tate Modern Talk

Afrofuturism’s Others

15 Jun 2013
Tate Modern talk: Afrofuturism’s Others. Speakers explore readings of Afrofuturism related to the works of Ellen Gallagher and other ...
Tate Modern Private View

Members private view: Ellen Gallagher

1 May 2013
Member's Private View: Ellen Gallagher; Wednesday 1 May 2013, 18:45 - 21:30; Tate Modern
Tate Modern Talk

British Sign Language Tour: Ellen Gallagher: AxME

5 Jul 2013
British Sign Language Tour: Ellen Gallagher: AxME; 5 July 2013 at Tate Modern
Tate Modern Talk

Damien Hirst curator's tours

21 May 2012, 19 Jun 2012, 6 Sep 2012
Damien Hirst Curator's Tours at Tate Modern during the exhibition run
Tate Modern Talk

Café des Artistes: Joseph Beuys

18 Sep 2015
Join us at Café des Artistes: Joseph Beuys for a public discussion on the artist followed by audience questions and ...
Tate Modern Conference

Global Pop symposium

14 Mar 2013, 15 Mar 2013
This symposium at Tate Modern is part of a two-day event exploring the many manifestations of ‘Global Pop’
Tate Britain Talk

Kenneth Clark: Art, power and influence

13 Jun 2014
Panel discussion: Kenneth Clark: Art, power and influence at Tate Britain on Friday 13 June
Tate St Ives Talk

In conversation

19 May 2012
Martin Clark, Artistic Director at Tate St Ives and Sarah Martin, Head of Exhibitions at Turner Contemporary, reflect on Alex ...
Tate Liverpool Talk

Book Reading: Michael Peppiatt, Francis Bacon in Your Blood

21 May 2016
A book reading of Francis Bacon in Your Blood, by its author Michael Peppiatt.
Tate Modern Special Event

Members Weekend 2015

4–6 Dec 2015
Find out about the events happening across the Tate Members weekend in 2015, happening at Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Tate ...
Tate Modern Course

A Language Art: Avant-garde Poetry and Modern Art Led by SJ Fowler

26 Oct – 30 Nov 2015
Over six weeks SJ Fowler explores the intersections between the post-war traditions of modern art and avant-garde poetry. Sessions are ...
Tate Britain Course

Art & the Archive

2 Jul 2014
Art & the Archive - Teacher's course at Tate Britain July 2014
Tate Modern Workshop

Psychic Friends Network With Simone Leigh

22–26 Nov 2016

Join artist Simone Leigh for a series of discussions, performances and workshops inspired by traditions of knowledge sharing and exchange ...

Tate Britain Talk

David King

2 Dec 2016
Tate Liverpool Course

Francis Bacon and Maria Lassnig Summer School led by artist Jai Chuhan

8–10 Jul 2016
Francis Bacon and Maria Lassnig Summer School led by artist Jai Chuchan
Tate Modern Tour

Art Burst! Louise Bourgeois

Every Tue, Thu, Sat, 21 Jun – 31 Dec 2016

Join a tour of ARTIST ROOMS: Louise Bourgeois, led by our expert guides