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Diane Arbus: Three Images

Diane Arbus used her camera to bypass the pleasantries required when meeting strangers. Her photographs cut right to the quick ...


Performance at Tate: Into the Space of Art Melanie Gilligan

As part of Performance at Tate: Into the Space of Art, Acatia Finbow examines Melanie Gilligan's Untitled 2011
Exhibition Guide

Exhibition Guide: John Piper

Find out more about our exhibition at Tate Liverpool

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Lumps, bumps, bulbs, bubbles, bulges, slits, turds, coils, craters, wrinkles and holes Louise Bourgeois at Tate Modern

Literary critic and feminist, Elaine Showalter explores the life and work of artist Louise Bourgeois.

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Nothing works The void

Marcel Duchamp’s phial of Paris air, Yves Klein’s The Void exhibition, Martin Creed’s Work No.227: The lights going on ...


A Bigger Splash: painting in the shape of a house

This week is the last chance to visit the Tate Modern exhibition A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance, which explores ...

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Aesthetics of alienation Edward Hopper II

Edward Hopper used to compare his paintings with cinematic frames. In turn, his scenes have inspired generations of filmmakers – from ...

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I've known very few people with such a profound sense of self-certainty Patrick Caulfield at Tate Britain III

In this touching personal account, the esteemed playwright David Hare remembers the life and times of his friend Patrick Caulfield

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Beginning of the end, or end of the beginning Tate Britain Commission 2012

Artist and filmmaker Patrick Keiller is best known for his essay films that chart the progress of the fictional character ...

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Square dance of joy I Agnes Martin

The American artist Agnes Martin was best known for her pared down, subtly coloured abstract paintings, mostly done when she ...

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Richard Hamilton’s The annunciation

This article traces Richard Hamilton’s use of photography and digital technologies to subtly undermine verisimilitude in his print The ...

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Mirror of the mass Pop Life: Art in a Material World

Mirror of the mass, Pop Life: Art in a Material World, Tate Etc issue 17 Autumn 2009

The Doll’s House 1899–1900 by William Rothenstein Turn-of-the-Century Interiors

Tate In Focus project exploring The Doll’s House 1899–1900 by William Rothenstein

Venice Biennale 2013: dreams, yachts and automobiles

An historic manuscript, two smashed up Range Rovers and William Morris throwing a giant yacht into the lagoon…This year ...

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Everything is illuminated Document: Künstlergruppe Brücke

In 1905 four young Dresden art students, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Erich Heckel and Fritz Bleyl, set up the ...

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In the flesh Francis Bacon

Artist and filmmaker Mike Figgis finds that a visit to Tate Britain is ‘like walking through a collective unconscious that ...

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MicroTate 28

Dor Guez and Milovan Farronato take a detail from a work in the Tate collection as a starting point for ...