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Kenneth Armitage, recipient: Joan Augusta Monro Moore Letter from Kenneth Armitage to Joan Moore

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‘Behold the Buffoon’: Dada, Nietzsche’s Ecce Homo and the Sublime

Parodic humour was integral to Dada, and the influence of Nietzsche on dada is well known. However, the connections between ...

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The Materials Used by British Oil Painters in the Nineteenth Century

This paper reviews existing literature on nineteenth-century British artists’ materials. Sources of information, such as colourmen’s archives, artists’ diaries ...

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Sugar, Salt and Curdled Milk: Millais and the Synthetic Subject

This article examines the sexual imagery of particular paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais. It argues that criticism ...


Prunella Clough Diary

18 November 1944–27 February 1947
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Meet 500 Years of British Art Collection Tour: Portraits

4 Apr 2015, 5 Apr 2015
Explore the many personalities in works of art at Tate Britain, some real, some fictional, and delve into the stories ...
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Late at Tate Britain: December 2012: Dreamers of Dreams

7 Dec 2012
Late at Tate Britain: The Pre-Raphaelites
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Ophelia's charms: A workshop with Lauren Baker

21 Sep 2013

Bling Opelia's last moments to create your own unique charms and talismans to take away using a glittering range ...

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Ten Minute Talks: Women in Art

8–30 Mar 2018

Hear from Tate staff and volunteers in a series of talks exploring gender and representation in the Tate collection