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Art & artists quiz 2013

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Tate Etc.

My Tate ladies

Tate Etc. invited the fashion designer Erdem on a special tour Tate Britain, where he selected his favourite paintings of ...

Ophelia learning resource: Elizabeth Siddal

Information about Elizabeth Siddal, the model for Ophelia in John Everett Millais's painting

20 Minute Tour: Tate Britain Highlights

Have only 20 minutes to spare and need a quick art fix? Catch Constable and peruse the Pre-Raphaelites on our ...


Rethinking the Senses

A collaborative event hosted by the Centre for the Study of the Senses (SAS, University of London) and the Tate ...

Tate Britain Display


Recapture the feel of a Victorian exhibition gallery, with artworks from 1840-1890

ARTIST ROOMS Ed Ruscha: Literature

ARTIST ROOMS learning resource on American pop artist Ed Ruscha looking at the influence of literature on his work

Event preview: Late at Tate Britain - Pre-Raphaelite special

Let Late at Tate Britain warm up your winter with a Pre-Raphaelite inspired evening. With fashion, performance, craft and music ...


This Is Britain

This is Britain: The Home of British Art
What are your favourite two works by British artists in the Tate ...


Art and artists quiz answers

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Pre-Raphaelite Vision: Truth to Nature: Room guide, room 1

Pre-Raphaelite Vision: Truth to Nature past exhibition at Tate Britain
Art Term


The Pre-Raphaelites were a secret society of young artists (and one writer), founded in London in 1848. They were opposed ...


Look here upon this picture: Shakespeare in art

Ophelia and the Pre-Raphaelites are back at Tate Britain! To celebrate, Andrew Dickson looks at Millais and four other artists ...


Spotted these on billboards? Here's where to see the real things

We don't mean to boast, dear readers, but we're very excited that Britain's billboards, buses and black ...

Pre-Raphaelite Vision: Truth to Nature: About the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

Pre-Raphaelite Vision: Truth to Nature past exhibition at Tate Britain

Prunella Clough Diary

18 November 1944–27 February 1947

Ophelia learning resource: Millais's house

A description of John Everett Millais's house at 2 Palace Gate Kensington

Ophelia learning resource: John Everett Millais

Biography of Pre-Raphelite painter John Everett Millais's life including his exhibitions at the Royal Academy and the year when ...

Answers to our collection colour palette quiz!

So, how did you get on? Tally up your points according to the answers below and find out just how ...