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History of Tate: major benefactors

History of Tate through his major benefactors including Henry Tate, the Duveen family, Tate members and links on how to ...

Ophelia learning resource: Sir Henry Tate gift

A description of Sir Henry Tate's original gift to the public, including Millais's painting Ophelia

Answers to our collection colour palette quiz!

So, how did you get on? Tally up your points according to the answers below and find out just how ...


Tate Debate: Does seeing art on screen change the way you see it in real-life?

After the online team's visit to Museums and the Web 2013 conference, this week we ask: does seeing an ...

Millais: Room guide

Millais: past exhibition at Tate Britian, room guide
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Does beauty still matter in art?

JJ Charlesworth finds beauty, along with a sunny view of the future, to be something of the past and Isobel ...
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A family affair

Millais’s early career was closely linked to his friendship with the Lemprière family. The teenage artist’s desire for one of ...

Private tours for groups at Tate Britain

Group tours are a great way to get the most out of Tate Britain. Take in the permanent collection, tour ...

Archives & Access project: collectors, creators and sharers

Albums is a new user-generated content feature on the Tate website. In this blog post we take a first look ...


Were the Pre-Raphaelites Britain’s first modern artists?

When did modern art begin in Britain? In a new show, opening at Tate Britain onSeptember 12 2012, I hope ...

Art Now Live Work: Rory Macbeth: False histories: Sutherland Premonition

Art Now Live Work: Rory Macbeth: Essay: Sutherland Premonition: related to past Tate Britain exhibition

Pre-Raphaelites opens to the public

Today, Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde finally opens to the public. It has been five years since Tim Barringer, Professor of History ...


Know your art? Take the colour quiz

Can you recognise an artwork by its colours? We invite you to take our Tate collection colour palette quiz!

History of Tate

The history and architecture of Tate's four galleries: Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives

Forgotten Faces

Forgotten Faces comprises seventeen portraits or figure paintings and three sculptures ranging between 1896 – a year before the foundation of ...

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The Separateness of Things, Victor Burgin

In 1986 Victor Burgin made a series of photographic works based on Edward Hopper's painting Office at Night 1940 ...

Gifts and bequests

Major gifts and bequests to the Tate collection, from ARTISTS ROOMS to the Turner Bequest
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‘Behold the Buffoon’: Dada, Nietzsche’s Ecce Homo and the Sublime

Parodic humour was integral to Dada, and the influence of Nietzsche on dada is well known. However, the connections between ...

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The Materials Used by British Oil Painters in the Nineteenth Century

This paper reviews existing literature on nineteenth-century British artists’ materials. Sources of information, such as colourmen’s archives, artists’ diaries ...

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