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Wavelength: On Drawing and Sound in the Work of Trisha Donnelly Involuntary Drawing

This article considers the relationship between drawing and sound in the work of American artist Trisha Donnelly (born 1974). Against ...

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Nude Woman in a Red Armchair 1932 by Pablo Picasso

This sensual portrait of Picasso’s lover Marie-Thérèse Walter was painted at the artist’s Normandy estate in 1932. Picasso ...

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Towards Anarchitecture: Gordon Matta-Clark and Le Corbusier

Gordon Matta-Clark (1943–1978), who trained originally as an architect, is best known for his spectacular ‘building cuts’. These have ...

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Drawing in the Dark Involuntary Drawing

Susan Morris approaches the subject of involuntary drawing from the point of view of an artist trying to make a ...

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Barbara Hepworth and Gimpel Fils: The Rise and Fall of an Artist-Dealer Relationship

Records held in the Gimpel Fils Gallery Archive in London shed new light on Barbara Hepworth’s relationship with her ...


Application information and list of doctoral students currently engaged in research at Tate, including overview of their work
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Screen Politics: Pop Art and the Atelier Populaire GLOBAL POP

Examining the technical and symbolic impact of pop art on the posters produced at the Atelier Populaire during the events ...

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The Fig-Leaf 1922 by Francis Picabia

A sardonic attack on censorship and prudery, The Fig-Leaf provoked the conservative art establishment when it was exhibited in 1922 ...

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Art World, Network and Other Alloway Keywords

The British critic Lawrence Alloway (1926–1990) generated a new vocabulary for American art of the 1960s and 1970s. This ...

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Placing Bookmarks: The Institutionalisation and De-Institutionalisation of Hungarian Neo-Avant-Garde and Contemporary Art

The recent interest in avant-garde art from Hungary shown by international museums such as Tate has been paralleled by transformations ...

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Portrait of a Doctor c.1935–1947, by Francis Picabia

Portrait of a Doctor is actually two paintings: one was painted on top of the other at a later date ...

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Why Performance in Authoritarian Korea?

In this article Joan Kee asks what motivated artists in South Korea to turn to performance in the late 1960s ...

Tate Modern Course

Photography: Rankin

27 Apr 2013
Experience what it’s like to be on the set of a photo-shoot with fashion photographer Rankin - part of Hyperlink ...
Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden Course

Photography Workshop

25 Apr 2015
Combining both digital and analogue photography is the theme for this workshop. Based in the Hepworth Garden you’ll explore ...
Tate Modern Course

Photography: Exactitudes

28 Apr 2013
Create new photo series with Exactitudes on the theme of ‘six degrees of separation’. Part of Hyperlink festival at Tate ...
Tate Modern Talk

Vernacular photography as art

30 Nov 2013
Seminar: Vernacular photography as art; Tate Modern event, East Room Saturday 30 November 2013, 14.00–15.30
Tate Modern Talk

The Photobook & Photography Now

24 Nov 2012
The Photobook & Photography Now, Tate Modern, 24 November 2012
Tate St Ives Talk

Tour: Photography and Technology

28 Oct 2014
An in-depth look at a selection of works in the exhibition