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Kenneth Clark and the Death of Painting

Martin Hammer reviews Kenneth Clark’s public spat with Herbert Read about modern art, which erupted in successive issues of ...

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Pop Art and the Socialist ‘Thing’: Dušan Otašević in the 1960s GLOBAL POP

The early work of Dušan Otašević constitutes a rare example of the influence of Anglo-American pop on an eastern European ...


Duncan Grant, recipient: Vanessa Bell Letter from Bear [Duncan Grant] to Vanessa Bell [Charleston]

[September 1918]

Kenneth Armitage, recipient: Joan Augusta Monro Moore Letter from Kenneth Armitage to Joan Moore, addressed North Minden Barracks, Deepcut, Aldershot

[November–December 1939]
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The Very Late Style of Hans Hartung

Hans Hartung (1904–1989) suffered a major stroke in 1986 and was wheelchair-bound for his remaining years. Yet in this ...


The Deluge 1920 by Winifred Knights The Painting

Tate Research In Focus project on The Deluge 1920 by Winifred Knights

Gift 1961–2 by Kenneth Noland The Painting

Alex Taylor on Kenneth Noland's Gift 1961–2, part of a Tate Research In Focus project
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That Uncertain Object: David Sylvester’s Conception of Criticism as a Personal Affair

It has become almost routine to dismiss direct and ‘unmediated’ analyses of artworks but in this essay Brendan Prendeville argues ...

Art Writers in Britain Psychoanalysis and Carving Aesthetic

Stokes’s writings are used in this essay to highlight factors in his psychoanalysis that may have contributed to his ...

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From Over- to Sub-Exposure: The Anamnesis of Les Immatériaux Landmark Exhibitions Issue

Les Immatériaux, Jean-François Lyotard’s and Thierry Chaput’s 1985 groundbreaking exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, is discussed ...


Contested Territories: Arthur Danto, Thierry de Duve, Richard Shusterman

Part of Contested Territories: Conversations in Practice

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To Be Continued: Periodic Exhibitions (documenta, For Example) Landmark Exhibitions Issue

In this paper the author reflects on the early history of the dOCUMENTA exhibitions held every five years in Kassel ...


Dancers on a Plane 1980–1 by Jasper Johns The Painting and the Frame

Tate Research In Focus project on Dancers on a Plane 1980–1 by Jasper Johns
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Living in the Long Front

This essay offers a history and critical evaluation of ideas put forward by the critic Lawrence Alloway in the late ...

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An Unpublished Drawing by Duchamp: Hell in Philadelphia

This paper discusses a hitherto unpublished drawing by Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968) that relates to his masterwork The Bride Stripped ...

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Tools to Understand: An Evaluation of the Interpretation Material used in Tate Modern’s Rothko Exhibition

Renate Meijer and Minnie Scott, Tools to Understand: An Evaluation of the Interpretation Material used in Tate Modern’s Rothko ...
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David Hockney’s Early Etchings: Going Transatlantic and Being British

David Hockney’s early autobiographical prints, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean 1961 and the series A Rake’s Progress ...

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Picasso on Film

2 Mar 2012
Picasso on Film at Tate Britain, shown as part of Late at Tate, March 2012
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Picasso guided exhibition tours

Daily, 6 Mar – 15 Jul 2012
Take a guided tour through the exhibition and gain a fascinating insight into the impact Picasso's work had on ...