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Jacob Epstein: Jacob and The Angel Work of the Week, 14 June 2010

Tate Blog article: Work of the Week feature, Jacob Epstein, Jacob and The Angel

What makes a great art book? And are great art books more fictional than factual?

Journalists on the Guardian books desk recently killed some time by compiling 'The 100 greatest non-fiction books' using various standard ...

Student Resource

Events and Issues Exam Help

A look at how artists have responded to personal, historical, symbolic or headline-grabbing events and issues


A-Z of Paul Klee

Learn 26 things about one of the most innovative painters of the 20th century

Tate Kids Who Are They?

Who is Ben Nicholson?

Meet the artist who turned the world he saw around him into simple flat shapes...squares, triangles and circles


Myth & gesture

Alan Davie was a vital post-war link between British and international art. Colette Swires introduces a retrospective of his 65-year ...

Tate Etc

The perception of symmetry

Michael Bird on notions of how symmetry, the Doppelgänger, duality and mirror images have played a part in the way ...

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Miró in London: Joan Miró IV

Iria Candela on Miró in London Tate Etc issue 22
Tate Etc

John Stezaker on Joseph Cornell

In our continuing series in which we invite an artist to focus on a work in the Tate collection, John ...


In the Studio: Lawrence Weiner

Lawrence Weiner on working with words


TateShots: Roy Lichtenstein

Take a tour of Tate Modern’s Lichtenstein exhibition, with curator Iria Candela


Contemporary Art Research: Modern Paints

A series of research projects into the conservation issues and treatments relating to synthetic paints made over the last 70 ...

Tate Papers

Tate Papers publishes scholarly articles relating to Tate’s collection and varied activities as a museum twice a year. Read ...
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From the head to the heart: Behind the curtain

In his fourth visit to the Tate archive, Paul Farley finds some resonant human remains

Shop at Tate Liverpool

The Shop at Tate Liverpool sells an unbeatable range of art books, gifts for children, jewellery and textiles, many designed ...


Three-dimensional art made by one of four basic processes: carving, modelling, casting, constructing


The artists from Painting Now on how they paint

Tate Britain’s exhibition looks at five contemporary artists who have each developed their own distinctive approach to painting. In these ...


Roy Lichtenstein: Pop, Parody and Play

Take a tour of some the the pop artist's most iconic works