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Tate Papers

Tate Papers publishes scholarly articles relating to Tate’s collection and varied activities as a museum twice a year. Read ...

A-Z of Paul Klee

Learn 26 things about one of the most innovative painters of the 20th century

Tate Etc

From the head to the heart: Behind the curtain

In his fourth visit to the Tate archive, Paul Farley finds some resonant human remains

Shop at Tate Liverpool

The Shop at Tate Liverpool sells an unbeatable range of art books, gifts for children, jewellery and textiles, many designed ...


Three-dimensional art made by one of four basic processes: carving, modelling, casting, constructing


The artists from Painting Now on how they paint

Tate Britain’s exhibition looks at five contemporary artists who have each developed their own distinctive approach to painting. In these ...


Roy Lichtenstein: Pop, Parody and Play

Take a tour of some the the pop artist's most iconic works


Press Office at Tate

Tate Collective

Tate's scheme for 16-25 year olds worldwide giving access to £5 exhibition tickets, unmissable free events and opportunities plus ...
Tate Paper

Drawing in the Dark: Involuntary Drawing

Susan Morris approaches the subject of involuntary drawing from the point of view of an artist trying to make a ...

Look Closer

Lifestyle and Legacy of the Bloomsbury Group

Privileged bohemians who dabbled in the arts – or creatives who made an important contribution to the development of modern ...

Tate Etc

If at first you don't succeed, celebrate: Failure

Lisa Le Feuvre on Failure, Tate Etc issue 19, Spring 2010


Surrealism was a movement which began in the 1920s of writers and artists (including Salvador Dalí and René Magritte), who experimented with ways ...

Martin Kippenberger: biography

Martin Kippenberger past exhibition at Tate Modern 2006 biography

Artist interview: Manolo Valdés (Equipo Crónica)

Interview with the artist Manolo Valdés (Equipo Crónica), included in the World Goes Pop exhibition at Tate Modern.
Look Closer

A Brief History of Abstract Art with Turner, Mondrian and More

Take a quick tour through the history of abstract art and take in some unexpected pioneers along the way

Tate Etc

'It was like drawing, but with scissors… there was sensuality in the cutting': Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs

One person who witnessed Matisse making the cut-outs first hand was his one-time assistant Jacqueline Duhême, who, as a twenty-year-old ...
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Wifredo Lam: the Albissola years

The Cuban-born artist Wifredo Lam (1902–1982), whose retrospective at Tate Modern opens in September, spent the last decades of ...

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Pop goes the past: Lichtenstein: A Retrospective at Tate Modern I

Roy Lichtenstein was widely regarded as one of the key figures of American Pop Art. A pioneer of a new ...

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Lights, camera, ...metamorphosis: Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí as filmmaker? A strange idea to those who think he was little more than a one-time collaborator with ...