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As a preview of Tate Modern's Beckmann retrospective, Golub gives us a personal account of his early encounters with ...


The Bronze Age: Henry Moore

Henry Moore's global fame cast a huge shadow over a generation of younger British sculptors. Chris Turner examines the ...


Recreating Mondrian's Paris studio at Tate Liverpool

The summer exhibition at Tate Liverpool allows an insight into the ‘unique sensation of seeing’ Piet Mondrian’s most acclaimed ...

Artist interview: Nicola L

Interview with the artist Nicola L, included in the World Goes Pop exhibition at Tate Modern.

A brief history of abstract art with Turner, Mondrian and more

Takes a quick tour through the history of abstract art and take in some unexpected pioneers along the way

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21 Nov 2017
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News and Events Exam Help

Look at artists responses to news, from headline-grabbing events and social or political issues, to stories of the extraordinary everyday


Paulina Olowska, The Mother: An Unsavoury Play in Two Acts and an Epilogue 2014

Case study on Paulina Olowska's The Mother: An Unsavoury Play in Two Acts and an Epilogue 2014, part of ...
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Image/ word: Poets and visual artists

Vincent Katz on poets and visual artists; Tate Etc essay, summer 2009 issue
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Dealing joyously with gross material facts: The Camden Town Group

Modern Painters: Sickert's famous dictum heralded a move towards a gritty realism in British painting

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Seven faces of the art vandal

From the suffragette who took a cleaver to Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus in the National Gallery in 1914 to the ...


Buried treasure

The Tate Archive is no longer a dusty destination of interest only to experts: now you can explore it from ...


Toppled monuments and the meaning of iconoclasm

With Art Under Attack currently at Tate Britain, the exhibition's curator looks at the many different reasons that art ...

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‘I’d like to have stepped on Goya’s toes, shouted in his ears and punched him in the face’: Jake and Dinos Chapman

Jake and Dinos Chapman obsessively return to Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes’ gore-filled The Disasters of War series. Jake ...

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The art of writing with people: Art and dance

The practice of choreographed movement has never been merely about decorative spectacle, but as artists and performers have shown throughout ...


Vanessa Bell, recipient: Duncan Grant Letter from Vanessa Bell to Duncan Grant

[7 January 1932]

Henry Moore OM, CH, recipients: Kenneth Clark, Jane Clark Postcard from Henry Moore to Kenneth and Jane Clark


Political Pop: An Introduction

Curator Jessica Morgan explores the politics of Pop Art in conjunction with the World Goes Pop exhibition at Tate Modern.