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A reputation restored: The rediscovery of sculptor Ronald Moody

Self-taught wood-carver Ronald Moody, a former dentist born in Jamaica, is revealed as one of Britain's most remarkable Modernist ...


Answers to our collection colour palette quiz!

So, how did you get on? Tally up your points according to the answers below and find out just how ...


Know your art? Take the colour quiz

Can you recognise an artwork by its colours? We invite you to take our Tate collection colour palette quiz!


Recreating Mondrian's Paris studio at Tate Liverpool

The summer exhibition at Tate Liverpool allows an insight into the ‘unique sensation of seeing’ Piet Mondrian’s most acclaimed ...

Artist interview: Nicola L

Interview with the artist Nicola L, included in the World Goes Pop exhibition at Tate Modern.
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Image/ word: Poets and visual artists

Vincent Katz on poets and visual artists; Tate Etc essay, summer 2009 issue
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‘I’d like to have stepped on Goya’s toes, shouted in his ears and punched him in the face’: Jake and Dinos Chapman

Jake and Dinos Chapman obsessively return to Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes’ gore-filled The Disasters of War series. Jake ...

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The art of writing with people: Art and dance

The practice of choreographed movement has never been merely about decorative spectacle, but as artists and performers have shown throughout ...


Vanessa Bell, recipient: Duncan Grant Letter from Vanessa Bell to Duncan Grant

[7 January 1932]

Henry Moore OM, CH, recipients: Kenneth Clark, Jane Clark Postcard from Henry Moore to Kenneth and Jane Clark

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The master of erotic theatre: Gustav Klimt

To coincide with Tate Liverpool’s exhibition Gustav Klimt: Painting, Design and Modern Life in Vienna 1900, we bring together ...

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Burn, canvas, burn: Joan Miró

While the work of Joan Miró (1893–1983) may be well known across the world, a forthcoming exhibition at Tate ...

Who is Frank Auerbach?

Learn more about the life and work of landscape and figurative painter Frank Auerbach ahead of his exhibition at Tate ...
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'Poor abraded butterflies of the stage': Sickert and the Brighton Pierrots

Sickert's interest in popular entertainment extended beyond the London music-hall and his 1915 painting Brighton Pierrots depicts a troupe ...

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Climate Change: Can artists have any influence?

As the environment slides down the list of governmental priorities, JM Ledgard and Alastair Smart discuss whether artists can really ...

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Food Exam Help

Can a humble bag of chips or slice of pizza become a masterpiece? Explore some tasty art about food

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Reading (and Curating) from Right to Left

This paper reviews the challenges of attempting to negotiate complex cultural differences between the West and other parts of the ...

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The Fig-Leaf 1922 by Francis Picabia

A sardonic attack on censorship and prudery, The Fig-Leaf provoked the conservative art establishment when it was exhibited in 1922 ...