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Collection owner: Kenneth Armitage The personal papers of Kenneth Armitage

Tate Britain Exhibition

James Gillray: The Art of Caricature

5 Jun – 2 Sep 2001
James Gillray: The Art of Caricature past exhibition at Tate Britain
Tate Britain Exhibition

Ethel Walker, Frances Hodgkins, Gwen John

7 May – 15 Jun 1952
Ethel Walker, Frances Hodgkins, Gwen John: past Tate Britain exhibition
Tate St Ives Exhibition

Simon Starling: Recent History

5 Feb – 2 May 2011
Simon Starling: Recent History - past exhibition at Tate St Ives
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Collection owner: Cecil Collins Cecil Collins papers


Tate Papers 8: Terminology for Further Expansion

Tate Papers 8: Terminology for Further Expansion
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Collection owner: Felicia Browne Drawings and papers of Felicia Browne

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Collection owner: Duncan Grant Personal papers of Duncan Grant

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Collection owner: Ian Breakwell Personal Papers of Ian Breakwell

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Collection owner: Aubrey Williams Personal papers of Aubrey Williams

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Collection owner: Ithell Colquhoun Papers of Ithell Colquhoun (1906-1988)

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Collection owner: Dame Eileen Mayo Personal papers of Eileen Mayo

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Collection owner: Nigel Henderson The personal papers of Nigel Graeme Henderson (1917-1985)

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Collection owner: Stuart Brisley Personal papers of Stuart Brisley

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Collection owner: John Banting Papers, photographs and correspondence of John Banting

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Collection owner: Eileen Agar Personal papers of and artworks by Eileen Agar

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Collection owner: Kenneth Armitage Personal papers of Kenneth Armitage

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Collection owner: Ethel Sands Papers of Ethel Sands (1873-1962)

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Collection owner: Marie-Louise Von Motesiczky The personal papers of Marie-Louise von Motesiczky

April 1823–[2006]
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Collection owner: Robert Adams Personal papers and artworks of Robert Adams