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TateShots: Barbara Hammer

Barbara Hammer is a pivotal figure in American experimental film. An acclaimed pioneer of queer cinema, her prolific output includes ...


Louise Bourgeois: Taking down the Towers and Spider

Louise Bourgeois' vast installation 'I Do, I Undo, I Redo' was the first commission in The Unilever Series for Tate ...


Levée des conflits (extended)

Levée des conflits was first performed in 2010. For this extended version, the work is performed continuously over several hours ...



manger challenges the role of the mouth and eating in choreography and dance.

For this performance in the Turbine Hall, Charmatz ...

Inspired by

Claudia Rankine on William Kentridge

Watch poet and author, Claudia Rankine discuss William Kentridge and his artwork that encompasses both beauty and politics


The term site-specific refers to a work of art designed specifically for a particular location and that has an interrelationship ...


Rethinking Spectacle – Part 2: Frances Morris on The Unilever Series

A video recording from the Tate Modern conference Rethinking Spectacle and part 2 features Frances Morris on The Unilever Series

Olafur Eliasson the Weather Project: resources & links

The Unilever Series: Olafur Eliasson the Weather Project 16 October 2003 - 21 March 2004 Turbine Hall, Tate Modern resources and ...

Philippe Parreno wall text: Floating Fish

Floating fish wall text from Hyundai Commission: Philippe Parreno: Anywhen at Tate Modern 4 October 2016 – 2 April 2017

Remember The Weather Project?

Olafur Eliasson's dazzling sun in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall was arguably his most popular installation to date. In ...


Matthew Engelke on Tino Sehgal

The new Unilever Series installation at Tate Modern is unlike any other I’ve seen. That’s partly because, along ...


Global communities and critical citizenship: Citizenship and public institutions

This event at Tate Modern examines how some institutions are responding to pressures to be more active agents within their ...

Rachel Whiteread: Artist's Talk

Rachel Whiteread discusses the working processes behind the piece, and its reception, with artist and writer David Batchelor.

The Unilever Series: Bruce Nauman: Raw Materials, video documentation

The Unilever Series: Bruce Nauman: Raw Materials past exhibition at Tate Modern 2004
Tate Etc

An interview with Abraham Cruzvillegas: The artist talks to Fiontán Moran

The evolving and social nature of Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, which has been the stage for protest, art and ...

An unfolding programme of dance

An unfolding programme of dance

Tony Conrad, Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective 2008

Case study exploring Tony Conrad's Unprojectable: Projection and Perspective 2008, published as part of Performance at Tate: Into the ...

TateShots: Louise Bourgeois

Curator Frances Morris on meeting Louise Bourgeois


Your views of Tate Modern

Blog article inviting visitor photographs and memories to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Tate Modern