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Thomas Guest and Paul Nash in Wiltshire: Two Episodes in the Artistic Approach to British Antiquity

The artistic representation of British antiquity brings in its wake a problem of methodology: how are the working assumptions of ...


Dalston, Then and Now: An Interview with John Smith

This In Focus project explores the production context of The Girl Chewing Gum and charts its intersections with debates concerning ...
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Neuro ways of seeing: Neuroarthistory

In his new book Neuroarthistory: From Aristotle and Pliny to Baxandall and Zeki, John Onians argues that advances in the ...

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Lingering at the threshold between word and image: Cy Twombly

Coinciding with Cy Twombly’s 80th birthday, Tate Modern is staging the first retrospective of the American artist’s work ...


Critical Contexts

Tate In Focus research project exploring Mousehold Heath, Norwich c.1818–20 by John Crome
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George Elgar Hicks’s Woman’s Mission and the Apotheosis of the Domestic

Tracing the evolution of the domestic in English cultural discourse over the first half of the nineteenth century, this paper ...

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Some Notes on Words and Things in Cy Twombly’s Sculptural Practice

This paper presents an extended close reading of Cy Twombly’s Untitled (Funerary Box for a Lime Green Python), 1954 ...


British Art Network

The British Art Network is a Subject Specialist Network bringing together professionals working on British art including curators, researchers and ...

Richard Deacon: Out of Order and A Ribbon Bow

In February 2014, Tate Britain presents a major retrospective of the work of Turner Prize winner Richard Deacon. Associated interview ...

The Craze for Pastel: Essay

Ruth Kenny's essay on The Craze for Pastel in conjunction with a 2014 BP Spotlight display at Tate Britain ...
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On the Evolution of a Peer-led Programmme: Tate Forum

This paper reflects on the development of Tate Forum, Tate Britain’s peer-led youth group (established 2002), drawing on interviews ...

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Kenneth Clark and the Death of Painting

Martin Hammer reviews Kenneth Clark’s public spat with Herbert Read about modern art, which erupted in successive issues of ...

Essay: Sarah Wilson, Kurt Schwitters in England: Professor Sarah Wilson, Courtauld Institute of Art

Essay on Kurt Schwitters's life in England over the period of 1940–8
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The Arctic Fantasies of Edwin Landseer and Briton Riviere: Polar Bears, Wilderness and Notions of the Sublime

Nineteenth-century images of the Arctic suggest that the sublime lost its religious and moral dimensions. While Frederic Church’s painting ...


A Reassessment of the Solar Geometry of Constable’s Salisbury Rainbow

Tate Research In Focus project on John Constable's Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831

Muscular Modernism

Sarah Victoria Turner explores the circumstances of the making of the relief and the posthumous cast of Wrestlers by Henri ...

Something's wrong: Melanie McGrath on Tracey Emin

Few artists are subjected to fierce public scrutiny in the British tabloids like Tracey Emin. But is she a great ...


A Persistent Passion for the Print

In Focus study by AnnMarie Perl on Meryon 1960–1 by Franz Kline, a Tate Research publication
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Sugar, Salt and Curdled Milk: Millais and the Synthetic Subject

This article examines the sexual imagery of particular paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais. It argues that criticism ...


Finding Salt Flat

John Blakinger on the site and location of Salt Flat 1968 by Dennis Oppenheim | part of a Tate In Focus ...