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A Persistent Passion for the Print

In Focus study by AnnMarie Perl on Meryon 1960–1 by Franz Kline, a Tate Research publication
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Sugar, Salt and Curdled Milk: Millais and the Synthetic Subject

This article examines the sexual imagery of particular paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais. It argues that criticism ...


Finding Salt Flat

John Blakinger on the site and location of Salt Flat 1968 by Dennis Oppenheim | part of a Tate In Focus ...
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August Sander’s Portraits of Persecuted Jews

Countering the characterisation of August Sander’s work as politically neutral, Rose-Carol Washton Long argues that the ‘The Persecuted’ and ...

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Listening for the Sublime: Aural-Visual Improvisations in Nineteenth-Century Musical Art

Music’s capacity to expose the contradictions which emerged within late nineteenth-century understandings of the sublime is explored in relation ...

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Curving Round: David Sylvester and the ‘Rediscovery’ of David Bomberg

Lee Hallman considers how David Sylvester’s role in the rehabilitation of David Bomberg’s reputation in the 1950s and ...

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Psychosis and the Sublime in American Art: Rothko and Smithson: The Sublime Object

This paper addresses the work of Mark Rothko (1903–1970) and Robert Smithson (1938–1973), and, referring to the philosopher ...


BP Spotlight: Bodies of Nature: Bodies of (Human) Nature: Nymphs in British Art 1780–1840

Bodies of (Human) Nature: Nymphs in British Art 1780–1840. Essay by Cora Gilroy-Ware for Tate's BT Spotlights display ...
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Border Crossing

Nahnou-Together is a partnership programme involving art museums and an informal art school, in Amman, Damascus and London. This paper ...

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No End to the End: The Desert as Eschatology in Late Modernity

At the height of the Cold War, artists, writers and filmmakers in America turned to the desert as a space ...

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To the Ends of the Earth: Art and Environment: Art & Environment

Introducing the group of articles devoted to the theme of ‘Art & Environment’ in Tate Papers no.17, this essay ...

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Cy Twombly’s Humanist Upbringing

In the United States postmodern scepticism often has relegated Cy Twombly’s engagement with classical and humanist themes to nostalgia ...

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Damien Hirst’s Shark: Nature, Capitalism and the Sublime

Focusing on Damien Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living 1991 which contains a ...


Prunella Clough Diary

18 November 1944–27 February 1947
Tate Liverpool Talk

Martin Creed: Artist's Talk

25 May 2012
Martin Creed: Artist's Talk forthcoming event at Tate Liverpool
Tate Britain Performance

Pop-up Shakespeare at Tate Britain

23 Apr 2016

Watch Tate’s collection spring to life as four scenes from Shakespeare’s plays are spontaneously performed at Tate Britain ...

Tate Britain Course

Inside today's museum 2016

29 Sep – 8 Dec 2016

Discover Tate’s history and what goes on behind the scenes in the gallery today

Tate Liverpool Course

Opening Doors 2012

3 Oct 2012, 10 Oct 2012, 18 Oct 2012, 7 Nov 2012, 14 Nov 2012, 22 Nov 2012, 29 Nov 2012, 13 Feb 2013
Opening Doors course at Tate Liverpool
Tate Liverpool Special Event

Long Night of the Biennial

19 Oct 2012
Long Night of the Biennial
Tate Britain Course

Workshop: Speed of travel and the construction of views

30 May 2015
Join us for a walking workshop at Tate Britain on Saturday 30 May, 13.30–15.30, entitled Speed of ...