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Ford Madox Brown Chaucer at the Court of Edward III


Joseph Mallord William Turner Ploughing Up Turnips, near Slough ('Windsor')

exhibited 1809

Joseph Edward Southall Belgium Supported by Hope


William Blake Job and his Daughters

1825, reprinted 1874

John Constable, David Lucas Spring

date not known

After Joseph Mallord William Turner Rain, Steam, and Speed, engraved by R. Brandard

published 1859-61

William Blake 'With Songs the Jovial Hinds Return from Plow'

c.1821, printed 1830

Edward Calvert The Ploughman


John Constable, David Lucas A Summerland

date not known

William Blake 'And Unyok'd Heifers, Loitering Homeward, Low'

c.1821, printed 1830

August Sander Farmer working the Fields

c.1930, printed 1990

Tim Rollins Animal Farm - Big Three