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Patron saint of lipstick and lavender feminism: by Germaine Greer

Exploring the 'lifelong performance' and legacy of artist Frida Kahlo


Hu Xiaoyuan 胡晓媛

Hu Xiaoyuan (born 1977) employs a variety of media within her works, including video, performance and installations. She uses mixed ...


Lin Tianmiao 林天苗

In the early 1990s Lin Tianmiao (born 1961) returned to Beijing after several years in New York, and established herself ...


Yin Xiuzhen 尹秀珍

Yin Xiuzhen (born 1963) works primarily in installation, but also painting and other media. As one of the most established ...


Xiao Lu 肖鲁

Xiao Lu (born 1962) works with performance, installation and video. She gained fame by shooting her own installation, Dialogue, at ...


A-Z of Paul Klee

Learn 26 things about one of the most innovative painters of the 20th century


Performance Art: The Swinging Sixties, Pop, film, and Fluxus

Find out about the artists who both sought inpiration from and influenced popular culture during this period of radical social ...


Women Artists in Contemporary China

Series of interviews with Chinese women artists conducted by Monica Merlin, post-doctoral researcher at Tate Research Centre: Asia 2013–14
Press Release

Aftermath: Art in the Wake of World War One

13 Feb 2018

Tate Britain

5 June - 16 September 2018

Student Resource

Weather Exam Help

From sun worshipers, cloud gazers and storm chasers to artists who use the weather to explore broader themes and ideas


Performance as Site of Memory: Performing Art History in Singapore and Vietnam

Eva Bentcheva reports on a talk given by Nora Taylor, Alsdorf Professor of South and Southeast Asian Art at the ...


From the Issue of Art to the Issue of Position: The Echoes of Socialist Realism

Socialist Realism represented the dominant creative method of China’s revolutionary era, yet critical histories of the practice are limited. This ...


Tokyo Biennale 1970 as Contact Point

Eliza Tan summarises a panel organised by Yohko Watanabe, Professor and Curator at Keio University, at Tate Modern on 21 ...

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Perspective Exam Help

From vanishing points to points of view, explore perspective in art


A Stitch in Time? Situating David Medalla’s ‘Participation-Performance’ Between British and Philippine Performance Art History

Annie Jael Kwan reports on a panel organised by Eva Bentcheva, independent art historian and curator, at Tate Modern on ...


Collective Anxiety About Zhongguohua: A Thirty Year-Old Debate

Zhongguohua – often translated as ‘traditional Chinese painting’ – has been the subject of intense debate in China since the ...


Transnationalism in Practice: Strategies of Affect

Priyesh Mistry summarises a panel convened by Nada Raza, Research Curator, Tate Research Centre: Asia, at Tate Britain on 7 ...

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Trees Exam Help

From atmosphere and symbolism to textures and abstract shapes, explore how trees have inspired artists