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About our coffee

All of our coffee roasted is in a 2nd World War Nissen Hut within the historic grounds of Tate Britain and here each batch is carefully hand crafted to perfection by our team. For us, a skilled roast is about fully developing the potential of a coffee. Our aim is to highlight the personality of each and every coffee we roast so not to cloud or interfere with its natural taste.

Understanding the cost of production in each producing country we buy from allows us to be certain that we are paying a fair and sustainable price that shows respect to the dedicated producer who made it taste so delicious. This, together with visiting the farms each year and agreeing the price we pay directly with the producer, ensures we simplify and make more transparent a sometimes complicated supply chain.

Fair trade

By dealing direct we can guarantee the producer receives a greater reward for coffee that tastes amazing, making our minimum price at least 50% higher than the fair-trade minimum. This said, our commitment to Direct Sourcing is much more about the quality of the coffee than it is about anything else. We believe that quality coffee comes from long standing relationships based on trust and a mutual commitment to make each coffee taste as truly awesome as it can. By returning to a producer year after year, they can feel confident in us, secure enough to make the continued investment into their farms needed to produce coffee at the very highest level. By doing so, securing their position in the speciality coffee market well into the future.

Every coffee you drink is a combination of hard work between Producer, Roaster and Barista. It is our firm belief that quality can only improve the more transparent this chain becomes.

All of our blends are available in the Tate Modern and Tate Britain shops as well as online.

Our coffee

Gallery Espresso £6.50

Roasting since 11 January 2016 

Brazil – 60% Divinolandia, Natural

Brazil – 40% Fazenda Ponto Allegre, Pulped Natural  

Our current Gallery Espresso consists of two beautiful coffees from Brazil, both the result of our Direct Trade programme where we meet and agree prices directly with the producer. A balanced espresso blend of Natural and Pulp natural coffees from the Associated producers of Divinolandia and Renato Lima De Souza, this full-bodied espresso exhibits Swiss chocolate, brandy snap and praline in the cup, with orange blossom, ripe red fruits, honeycomb and vanilla.

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Group of people in the Lamari Valley smiling and waving at the camera

Roasting since 1 March 2016

Papua New Guinea  – Lamari

Altitude: 1600 masl

Varietal(s): Typica, Arusha and Bourbon

Town: Lamari Valley

Region: Eastern Highlands 

Named after the waters of the Lamari River that make the Highland Hills where this coffee is grown so fertile, ‘Lamari’ is a coffee that represents livelihood sustainability for the Papua New Guineans that depend on it.

Hailing from various communities within the Lamari Valley, the story of this exceptional community coffee has its origins in the beautiful Baroida Estate in Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands, founded by Ben Colbran in the early 1960s.

This is a bright, clean and complex coffee whose citric lime acidity is complimented by a creamy, plum-like sweetness and caramel body.