About our coffee

All of our coffee roasted is in a 2nd World War Nissen Hut within the historic grounds of Tate Britain and here each batch is carefully hand crafted to perfection by our team. For us, a skilled roast is about fully developing the potential of a coffee. Our aim is to highlight the personality of each and every coffee we roast so not to cloud or interfere with its natural taste.

Understanding the cost of production in each producing country we buy from allows us to be certain that we are paying a fair and sustainable price that shows respect to the dedicated producer who made it taste so delicious. This, together with visiting the farms each year and agreeing the price we pay directly with the producer, ensures we simplify and make more transparent a sometimes complicated supply chain.

Fair trade

By dealing direct we can guarantee the producer receives a greater reward for coffee that tastes amazing, making our minimum price at least 50% higher than the fair-trade minimum. This said, our commitment to Direct Sourcing is much more about the quality of the coffee than it is about anything else. We believe that quality coffee comes from long standing relationships based on trust and a mutual commitment to make each coffee taste as truly awesome as it can. By returning to a producer year after year, they can feel confident in us, secure enough to make the continued investment into their farms needed to produce coffee at the very highest level. By doing so, securing their position in the speciality coffee market well into the future.

Every coffee you drink is a combination of hard work between Producer, Roaster and Barista. It is our firm belief that quality can only improve the more transparent this chain becomes.

All of our blends are available in the Tate Modern and Tate Britain shops as well as online.

Our coffee

Our coffee

Gallery Espresso £6.50

It is our second year working directly with Jose Rebuen Magana from Finca El Cashal; his coffee is sweet and very well structured, grown by the Magana family in the west of the country near the border with Guatemala. The fruity and clean cup profile has been paired with a rich, chocolaty, shade-grown, Honey-processed coffee from the Urrutia family in Comasagua, whose farm dates back to the 1870’s, a Rainforest Alliance farm home to a diverse ecosystem. The overall cup profile is complex, balanced and full-bodied, with a medium acidity and high fruitiness. 

60% Finca el Cashal

Producer: Jose Rebuen Magaña
Farm: Finca el Cashal
Location: Santa Ana, Lamatepec
Altitude: 1385 masl
Process: Semi-Washed
Variety: Bourbon
Tasting notes: Blackberry, Strawberry, Marzipan

40% Finca San Ernesto

Producer: Juan Urrutia
Farm: Finca San Ernesto
Location: Comasagua
Altitude: 1100 Masl
Process: Honey
Variety: Bourbon, Pacas
Tasting Notes: Treacle, Black Cherry, Cola

Available: Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Switch House

Single origins

50/50 Gender Equality Project

Our Single Origin range at Tate Roastery exhibits the diversity and versatility of coffee’s flavour whilst echoing the ethical standpoint of Tate’s vision. Our seasonal rotational single estate and single farm coffees are exceptional in quality and sourced, where possible, between male and female producers on a 50-50 basis with an emphasis on creating gender equality within the sourcing of our single range.

Presenting a platform and a voice for both male and female coffee producers we aim to showcase exceptional seasonal coffees from different regions across the world by putting thought and consideration into our sourcing and roasting protocols, developing relationships with farmers that we hope to sustain season-to-season. 

Current single origins

Kenya – Kiriaini AB

Producer: Mrs Rakeli Njeri Njoroge, Kiriaini Estate
Location: Gatanga – Thika District
Altitude: 1700 masl
Process: Washed and Sun-Dried on African Beds
Variety: SL28, SL34
Tasting Notes: Rhubarb, Hibiscus, Brown Sugar
Available: Switch House Level 1 & Level 9

Kiriaini is a small coffee estate situated on the slopes of the Aberdare Mountains in the central highlands of Kenya, just south of the Equator. The owner Mrs Rakeli Njeri Njoroge has devoted most of her life to coffee farming shaving worked her land since the 1960s and is nowadays training her daughter Jane Njoroge in the skills of coffee farming. Kiriaini is located in Gatanga in the Thika District, north east of Nairobi and stands at an altitude of 1,700 metres above sea level. The coffee variety is SL28. The coffee is handpicked and delivered to the wet mill, where it is pulped, before being sent to the fermentation tank for initial fermentation of 24 hours, after which the beans are delivered to a secondary fermentation tank for another 12-24 hours. Once this process is complete the washed beans are sent to soaking tanks, in which they are allowed to soak in fresh water for a further 24 hours before being transferred to raised tables for drying. 

It is thought that this fermentation and soaking process results in the high acidity, refinement and flavour profiles sought after in Kenyan coffee, and the Kiriaini is certainly a fine example of this; exhibiting balanced rhubarb and blood orange acidity in the cup with intense brown sugar sweetness and hibiscus floral notes, this is an exceptional coffee that works particularly well in filter methods. 

Colombia – El Carmen

Cauca Best Cup Winner #12
Producer: The Carmen Sotorá Association of Women Agricultural Producers
Location: El Carmen, Sotorá, Cauca
Altitude: 2000 masl
Process: Fully Washed and Dried in Parabolic Driers
Variety: Castillo, F6
Tasting Notes: Liquorice, Lemonade, Herbal
Available: Switch House Level 1

We first tasted this coffee on an origin visit to Colombia last year in which we were lucky enough to participate on the judging and bidding of over 300 coffees from the area of Cauca. The coffee, produced by the The Carmen Sotorá Association of Women Agricultural Producers (AMPACS) stood out during the week-long cupping for its complexity and elegance, eventually claiming the #12 spot at auction.

The founders of AMPACS are community leaders in Carmen who manage resources and projects for coffee producers seeking to improve their coffee production and quality in cup, opening new markets and better opportunities for the farmers and families. Thanks to the training by AMPACS this coffee has championed the harvesting and processing techniques traditionally taught in the Cauca region to produce a supreme coffee that has shone alongside its contenders.

The attentive harvesting and processing methods, high altitude and new varieties in this lot produce a clean, balanced cup profile with depth and clarity; expect flavour notes of pink lemonade, liquorice and thyme, with a honeyed finish.

El  Salvador – Finca Miravalle

Producer: Jaime Ernesto Riera Menendez
Farm: Finca Miravalle
Location: Santa Ana, Ilamatepec
Altitude: 1650 Masl
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon
Tasting Notes: Toffee, Green Apple, Lemon
Available: Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Switch House

This is our second year working with Jaime Menendez of Finca Miravelle, El Salvador here at Tate, whose family have been producing coffee for many generations; produced near the town of Santa Ana, Ilamatepec, Finca Miravelle employs around 70 selected hand-pickers from the local area, paying almost 40% above the average minimum wage. The strict agronomical control and management on the farm has not only given this washed coffee its clear and juicy cup profile, but provides regeneration and sustainability within the crop. Selective and intensive processing and sorting protocols has meant this coffee is, once again, a fantastic representation of cup profiles coming out of El Salvador – it is clean, juicy, sweet and balanced with green apple notes and a toffee finish. 


Nicaragua Finca La Cascada Sparkling Water

Producer: Luis Alberto Peralta
Location: Dipilto, Nueve Segovia
Altitude: 1350 masl
Process: Wet Processed and Patio Dried
Variety: Caturra, Pacamara
Tasting Notes: Tangarine, Caramel, Sweet Melon
Available: Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Switch House

Finca La Cascada is a 50 hectare farm situated in the mountainous region of Dipilto in Nueva Segovia and can be found at altitudes of 1200 to 1350 metres above sea level. Due to the geographic and climatic conditions found here, the coffee produced is truly exceptional –Finca La Cascada receives annual rainfall of 1600 millimetres and has six streams running through the farm to join the immense El Volcan River. This stunning farm has been handed down from one generation to the next, though the current owner Luis Alberto Peralta has owned Finca La Cascada since 1972 and Señor Jose Lopez now manages the farm alongside 60 permanent workers and 125 pickers during the harvest.

Sparkling Water Decaffeination is a process for decaffeination whereby natural carbon dioxide (which comes from prehistoric underground lakes) is combined with water to create ‘sub-critical’ conditions which creates a highly solvent substance for caffeine in coffee. It is a gentle, natural and organically certified process and the good caffeine selectivity of the carbon dioxide guarantees a high retention level of other coffee components which contribute to taste and aroma. 

We find this process to bring out a clean, juicy cup profile with orange marmalade notes and a sweet, floral, caramel finish. 

Wholesale and slot roasting

Tate Coffee Roastery with team

Tate Roastery operates primarily as the in-house roasting operation for the Tate, sourcing and roasting sustainable specialty coffee on our Probatone 25kg roaster. Alongside production for the Tate we offer a roasting space and training for enthusiasts and professionals, as well as offering our blends and single origins for wholesale, sourcing and profiling for white-label, bespoke and contract-roasted coffee. We tailor our coffee sourcing and roasting to each customer, understanding the need for creativity in a competitive industry. 

As part of Tate Catering all profits made by the roastery are donated to the gallery. Each roaster, coffee shop or customer purchasing any of Tate’s coffee or services are directly supporting, not only the farmers we work with in our Direct Trade programme, but also the gallery itself. 

If you are interested in any of the coffees or services Tate Roastery can offer, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tom, our Head of Coffee:  thomas.haigh@tate.org.uk