Visitors browse gift wrap at the Gallery Store, Tate Britain

Gallery Store

The Gallery Store, next to the Manton entrance, stocks greeting cards, gift wrap, specially designed crockery and textiles, books, magazines, and products for the current exhibition programme.

Gallery Shop

For an unsurpassed collection of books about British art, history and culture through the ages, visit the Gallery Shop near the Millbank entrance to Tate Britain on Atterbury Street.

There are also gifts and souvenirs featuring works from the collection, as well as prints, posters and postcards.

Our art materials are ever popular, as is the imaginative selection of books, games and gifts for children. We also offer a book ordering and mailing service.

Visitor browsing greetings cards in the Gallery Shop at Tate Britain

© Alexey Moskvin

Opening hours

  • 10.00–17.50 every day

Contact us

Call +44 (0)20 7887 8876

Educational discount

An educational discount of 10% is available on all library and school orders for those with an account. To open an account, please call +44 (0)20 7887 8876.

Shop online

Browse and buy books, gifts, prints and more in the Tate Online Shop.