Pick-up activities at Tate Britain

Check out the free activities for families.

Experience Tate Britain in a new way with exciting ideas to get you talking and creating in the galleries together as a family.


What’s in a name? If you were an artwork what would you be called? Could one word or sentence sum you up?

Pick-up acopy of our latest Family Activity from one of the Information Desks and get thinking about the ways artists title their artworks.

Title includes playful activities, ideas and suggestions to help you explore the artworks in Tate Britain’s Walk through British Art.

Created by artist Abigail Hunt and Tate’s Early Years and Families team.

Title pick up activity by Abigail Hunt and Tate’s Early Years and Families team.


Borrow one of our Swatch activities. Use the Swatch pieces to discover the architecture of Tate Britain, look through filters to view the artworks in a different way and order and re-order the images to make new connections.

Recommended for children age 0–4.

Family with a Swatch pick up activity. © Tate

Family welcome cards

Each card suggests a room and artworks to visit in our free collection display, and introduces themes and activities to explore artworks together as a family.

Recommended for children of all ages.

Photograph of three family resources

Sonic Trails

We’ve asked some of the most exciting sound artists to make some artwork just for you.

Get your device and headphones, click play and go on a sound journey through the Tate Britain with our Sonic Trails

Photograph of a boy with headphones on

© Olivia Hemminway