Visitors using the lifts at Tate Liverpool

Visitors using the lifts at Tate Liverpool

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Information desk

The Information desk at Tate Liverpool is located three metres from the front entrance. Staff are happy to help with any questions you have about the artworks, building and facilities.

  • There is level access to the Information desk from the entrance
  • Lighting levels are bright
  • Seating is available in the foyer


Female and males toilets are located next to the lift in the basement, 15 and 16 metres from the entrance respectively.

There is level access to both toilets and the lighting levels are bright.

Adapted toilets

There are adapted toilets at Tate Liverpool, which all visitors can use. Adapted toilets are situated:

  • 10.5 metres from the accessible entrance on the ground floor
  • in the basement next to the lift
  • between the rooms at the north end of the gallery on the first and second floors.

All adapted toilets are unisex. A key is not required.

The door to the ground floor adapted toilet opens inwards and is locked by a locking handle. As you face the toilet pan there is lateral transfer space of one metre on the left.

The tap type is lever. There is a functional emergency alarm. Wall mounted grab rails are on both sides of the toilet.

  • Other features are placed at the following heights above floor level:
  • Coat hook: less than 120 cm
  • Toilet seat: 45 cm. 
  • Hand dryer: less than 130 cm.
  • Toilet roll holder: less than100 cm.
  • Sink: less than 74 cm.

The contrast between the walls and floor is good. Wall mounted and drop down rails are available.

Changing Places toilets

Changing Places toilets are located locally on the Albert Dock and in Liverpool One. The nearest facility is at the Museum of Liverpool which is within a 15 minute walk from the gallery. Information is available on the Museum of Liverpool website.

Changing Places toilets are also available in Liverpool One which is within a 20 minute walk from the gallery. The facility is located in the Liverpool One Information Centre.

Baby care facilities

There are three baby care rooms at Tate Liverpool, with a full range of facilities. They are located:

  • in the adapted toilet by the ground floor foyer
  • in the basement next to the standard female toilet
  • in the adapted toilet on the 1st floor gallery

Levels and lifts

The basement, ground, first, second and fourth floors are accessible to the public.

  • There are over 15 steps between floors
  • The steps are clearly marked
  • The lighting level is bright
  • There are handrails on both sides
  • There is a landing on each floor


There are two standard passenger lifts located opposite the main entrance. The right hand lift provides access to all levels; the left hand lift provides access to the ground, first, second and fourth floor.

  • The lifts are 12 metres from the entrance
  • The dimensions of the lifts are 1.24 metres x 1.23 metres
  • There is a mirror in each lift to aid reversing out
  • The lifts have a visual floor indicator, Braille markings and an audible announcer
  • The external call buttons are at a low level
  • The lighting level in the lifts is bright


Lockers are available and free to use in the basement at Tate Liverpool. A £1 coin deposit is required to use the lockers.

  • You may be requested to leave briefcases, bags, sticks or umbrellas in the lockers
  • Large bags and rucksacks must be placed in the lockers
  • If you have a large item or pram which will not fit in one of our lockers, please ask a member of staff in the foyer for assistance.”


Seating is available in the galleries. Portable folding stools are available on request – ask a member of staff or at the information desks

Disabled visitors

For details of provision and activities see Disabled visitors to Tate Liverpool.


There is level access to the Café at Tate Liverpool.

  • Assisted service is available
  • There is ample room for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre
  • No tables or chairs are permanently fixed
  • The distance between the floor and the lowest dining table is 70 cm
  • Menus are clearly written and presented in contrasting colours
  • They are hand held and available in large print
  • The type of food served is hot and cold meals, and snacks


There is level access to the Shop at Tate Liverpool and ample room for a wheelchair user to manoeuvre.

Event spaces

There are three event spaces for functions on the fourth floor, which has separate lift and toilet access. Other event spaces are available on the ground floor. Events and hospitality at Tate Liverpool

Contact us

Call: +44 (0)151 702 7400
TextPhone: 18801 7027400

Read more about Tate Liverpool’s access facilities at DisabledGo