Pick-up activities at Tate Liverpool

Blast off and discover a whole galaxy of art with a fun rocket backpack

Kids with rocket backpacks at Tate Liverpool

Kids with rocket backpacks at Tate Liverpool c. Tate 

Designed to help young children and their adults explore our collection display Constellations together, our backpack provides a number of arty activities. Become an explorer and play a spot game around the building using our specially designed prompt cards, look through fabulous view finders and investigate every gallery corner using torches!

Artist Denise Wright, who is based at Kensington Children Centre, worked with children and their families to help us develop this self directed resource for early years visitors.

There are currently 6 identical backpacks which are available to use, each containing a magnifying glass; shiny silver paper; a story book; binoculars, viewfinders; a floor plan and a matching picture card game.

So if you’re visiting Tate Liverpool, grab a backpack and blast off into the exciting world of art. We hope you enjoy using it!

Contents of the family activity backpack at Tate Liverpool