Visitors walking through the River entrance of Tate Modern
© Rory Gardiner

Accessible car parking

Parking spaces for disabled visitors to Tate Modern

There are five parking spaces for disabled visitors to Tate Modern, located on Park Street at the eastern end of the building. These spaces must be booked ahead:

Once you have parked, please come in to the staff entrance for a short escorted route into the galleries via the Turbine Hall.

Please note: Park Street is no longer a through route from Holland Street. Visitors to the accessible car park at the Park Street entrance to the building need to approach from the eastern end of the building. This temporary arrangement until mid June 1016, when a new accessible car park with ten spaces for disabled visitors will open on the South entrance of Tate Modern.

Drop off points

A drop off / pick up point is situated on Holland Street, near the Main entrance.

Entrances to Tate Modern

There are two main entrances to the gallery:

Main entrance on Holland Street

  • There is a ramp into level 0 of the gallery
  • A flight of steps with a handrail runs alongside the length of the ramp
  • From here, there is escalator, lift and stair access to all levels

River entrance on Queen’s Walk

  • The river entrance is situated either side of the chimney base. It provides access directly to level 1.
  • From here there are lifts and staircase to all floors.

Additional entrance to the Café

  • There is an additional entrance to the Café next to the Main entrance on Holland Street.

Wheelchairs, prams and buggies

  • Entry for wheelchairs, prams and buggies is via the River entrance or next to the Main entrance.

Wheelchair and mobility scooter provision

Ten wheelchairs and two electric scooters are available at the gallery. To reserve one, please book at least 24 hours in advance. You must have driven a mobility scooter before if you would like to use one at Tate Modern.

To book:

Guide and hearing dogs

We welcome guide dogs and hearing dogs in the gallery. A drinking bowl is available at the cloakroom on Level 0 – just ask a member of staff.

Disabled visitors

For details of provision and activities see Disabled visitors to Tate Modern.

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