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The 8-14s Thing: WARM UP DELUXE 23 DECEMBER 2016 – 4 JANUARY 2017

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Photo Aleksandra Wojcik

Explore your curiosity through conversation and performance at Tate Modern

Over the last three months a group of 8 to 14 year olds have been spending time with each other at Tate, exploring their curiosity through discussion and performance with artists Aya Kobayashi and Neil Luck. Through chatting and moving together, the group have thought about and shared ideas on many different things – from how we communicate and care for one another, to art and the space we share. 

At the beginning of each session, the group always began with a warm up. Drop-in with your family to experience this warm up for yourselves and see where it takes you.

The 8–14’s Thing are Cate, Jenny, Sebastien, Heather, Narina, Faiak, Raffaella, Yağmur, Kymeirah, Jan, Greta, Stephanie, Sumayah, Iris, Makeina, Ahmed, Laquira, Marcos, Aliyah, Oscar, Victoria, Sia, Imania, Enego, Nathaniel, Jolina, Freya, Andrew, Khalil, Camila, Awa, Ana, Emily, Divine, Elijah, Ava, Callie, Selena, Emily, Molly, Ellah, Charlie and Jesse.

Aya Kobayashi is an artist who explores movement and performance through performing, teaching and working as a choreographer with a variety of different companies and communities.

Neil Luck is a composer, performer and sound artist based in London.

Warm Up is a film by artist, photographer, filmmaker and engineer Hydar Dewachi.


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The 8–14s Thing: WARM UP DELUXE 23 DECEMBER 2016 – 22 JANUARY 2017

Explore your curiosity through conversation and performance at Tate Britain

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