Visitors at Tate Modern with escalators in the background

Tate Modern is changing

Tate Modern is being transformed to create a new gallery fit for the 21st century. As our iconic new building rises to the south of the existing gallery, we’re making a number of changes to prepare the Turbine Hall for the future.

Work is in progress linking the old and the new parts of Tate Modern with the building of a bridge across the top of the Turbine Hall. This will link our existing spaces to the new galleries to the south at Level 4. 

When finished, the new Tate Modern will redefine the museum for the twenty-first century. It will create more spaces for displaying the collection, performance and installation art and learning, all allowing visitors to engage more deeply with art, as well as creating more social spaces for visitors to unwind and relax in the gallery. Find out more about the project.

Artworks on display

We regularly update details of the current displays at Tate Modern but last-minute changes do occur. If you are planning a visit to see a particular work of art, please contact us to check if it will be on display.

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