A family of four standing in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall, smiling and laughing

1. Find a place to start 

Explore the Start Display to introduce your family to some of the best-loved artworks at Tate Modern.

Two children looking at The Snail
Discover colour in the Start Display. c. Tate

2. Climb to the very top of Tate Modern!

Marvel at 360 views of London.  What famous landmarks can you see? Can you spot St Pauls Cathedral, the London Eye or Wembley Stadium? 

How? Use the dedicated lift from level 0 in the switch house or climb all 10 floors! 

Age Guide: children of all ages with adult supervision. 

Viewing platform at Tate Modern © Tate
Viewing platform at Tate Modern © Tate

3. Catch a giant fish floating in the Turbine Hall

This year’s Turbine Hall Hyundai commission is by the French artist Philippe Parreno. Can you see one of his floating fish?

Where? The Turbine Hall

Age guide:  children of all ages with adult supervision

Anywhen by Philippe Parreno
Andrew Dunkley © Tate Photography, Tate 2016

4. Explore the story of Modern art

Find out which art or artists you like the most by using our Bloomberg interactive arts timeline.

Where? The Welcome Room, Boiler House L0

Age guide: Ages 6 and upwards

Two children listen and play with the Tate Modern timeline, with the big screen timeline in the background

5. Explore the gallery with your ears 

Get out your mobile device and check out Sonic Trails. Click, play and go on a sound journey through the gallery. 

Available to stream on Soundcloud

Age guide: Ages 6 and upwards

Photograph of a boy with headphones on

6. Think and Chat

You don’t need to be an expert to look at or talk about art. Don’t feel you have to ‘get it’ to enjoy it – take whatever you like from a piece. Arm yourself with some free pick-up activities. Try a Collection Case to explore Materials and Objects display.

In the short film below, join the Tate Kids Media team as they explore the Materials and Objects display at Tate Modern.

7. Free exhibitions

Kids get open access to some of the greatest and freshest art there is. The collection displays are free for everyone and you can also visit an exhibition as under 12’s go free. 

Family Day: Sound and Performance Tanks event

8. Grab a map

It doesn’t matter where you start or where you end up. Why not let the kids pick something that really interests them? Let them lead. Tate Modern is yours to discover.

Richard Long A Ten Mile Walk England 1968
Richard Long
A Ten Mile Walk England 1968
Map and graphite
640 x 690 mm

9. Project your art on the walls of Tate modern

Are you a budding young artist? Get sketching at the Bloomberg digital drawing bar and see what your designs look like on our walls.

Where? Bolier House L1

Age guide: Children of 3 upwards. 

A man using the interactive drawing screens at Tate Modern
Bloomberg Connects Drawing Bar

10. Have fun

On your visit try one of these activities in the galleries. 

Strike a pose

Get someone to secretly choose an artwork. Once they have looked carefully at the artwork, find a space in the room and try to recreate that artwork using their body. The rest of the group can then try and spot the artwork the pose was inspired by. 

Sit and sketch

 There’s so much inspiration at Tate. Why not sketch one of the pictures or sculptures that have impressed you the most? And why not show us? Ask your adult to take a picture and show us on Twitter.

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