Top tips for families visiting Tate Modern

We’re family-friendly. We are fully equipped for your visit. We have baby changing facilities and cloakrooms with buggy parking.

Matisse Families Oli Cowling

Matisse Families Ⓒ Oli Cowling 

1. Find a place to start 

Explore the Start Display to introduce your family to some of the best-loved artworks at Tate Modern.

Two children looking at The Snail

2. Climb to the very top of Tate Modern!

Marvel at 360 views of London.  What famous landmarks can you see? Can you spot St Pauls Cathedral, the London Eye or Wembley Stadium? 

How? Use the dedicated lift from level 0 in the Blavatnik Building or climb all 10 floors! 

Age Guide: children of all ages with adult supervision. 

Viewing platform at Tate Modern © Tate

Viewing platform at Tate Modern © Tate

3. Explore the gallery with your ears 

Get out your mobile device and check out Sonic Trails. Click, play and go on a sound journey through the gallery. 

Available to stream on Soundcloud

Age guide: Ages 6 and upwards

Photograph of a boy with headphones on

© Olivia Hemminway

4. Get involved with sonic stories

Join in the 8-14s Studio: Sonic Stories on 19th August. Share sounds and think about meaningful memories with sound artist Ain Bailey in a studio session.

Girls listening to Sonic trail © Tate

5. Carry a Collection Case

A pair of three brown suitcases are piled on top of each other. The top one is open with random objects inside including a feather and a photograph

​© Lucy Dawkins, Tate Photography 2016

A free daily resource for Early Years

If you’re visiting Tate Modern with children we have a new Early Years activity to support your visit.

Including curious objects and trigger words to encourage your exploration, Collection Case is designed for children and adults to embark on a creative exploration of artworks in the Material Worlds display at Tate Modern.

Collection Case is free and located at the Tate Modern information desk on level 0. 

This resource is recommended for children aged 4 and up. 

6. Grab a map

It doesn’t matter where you start or where you end up. Why not let the kids pick something that really interests them? Let them lead. Tate Modern is yours to discover.

The collection displays are free for everyone and you can also visit an exhibition, as under 12s go free. 

Richard Long A Ten Mile Walk England 1968

Richard LongA Ten Mile Walk England 1968Map and graphite640 x 690 mm

Private collection. Courtesy Konrad Fischer Gallery© Richard Long

7. Project your art on the walls of Tate modern

Are you a budding young artist? Get sketching at the Bloomberg digital drawing bar and see what your designs look like on our walls.

Where? Bolier House Level 1  

Age guide: Children of 3 upwards. 

A man using the interactive drawing screens at Tate Modern

Bloomberg Connects Drawing Bar

© Tate Photography

8.Explore the story of Modern art

Find out which art or artists you like the most by using our Bloomberg interactive arts timeline.

Where? Boiler House Level 4 Concourse

Age guide: Ages 6 and upwards

Two children listen and play with the Tate Modern timeline, with the big screen timeline in the background

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