Mixed group of people running towards the camera as part of Residents Day in the Turbine Hall
Residents Day, 2009

1. Grab a map

Start from the top or start at the bottom, it doesn’t matter. Why not let the kids lead? Tate Modern is yours to discover. 

Tate Modern families activity area
Tate Modern families activity area

2. Listen 

Photograph of a boy with headphones on

Get out your mobile device and check out Sonic Trails. Click, play and go on a sound journey through the gallery. 

3. Think and Chat

You don’t need to be an expert to look at or talk about art. Don’t feel you have to ‘get it’ to enjoy it – take whatever you like from a piece. Arm yourself with a Collection Case to explore Materials and Objects display.

In the short film below, join the Tate Kids Media team as they explore the Materials and Objects display at Tate Modern.

4. Find a place to start 

Explore the Start Display to introduce your family to some of the best-loved artworks at Tate Modern.

Two children looking at The Snail
Discover colour in the Start Display. c. Tate

5. The Tanks

You thought running down the Turbine Hall was fun. Now get into the depths of Tate in our new performance spaces. Join in, watch and experience new art with your little ones in the Tanks.

6. Free exhibitions

Kids get open access to some of the greatest and freshest art there is. The collection displays are free for everyone and you can also visit an exhibition as under 12’s go free. 

7. Turbine Hall

Photograph of children with a shadow projection in Turbine Hall

This is your space. Sit, run, explore and create in the heart of Tate. Enjoy the Turbine Hall.

8. Digital doodles

Inspired by the artwork you’ve seen on your visit? Take a break and get creative at the Bloomberg Connects Drawing Bar, near the café on Level 1. 

9. The view

Ten floors of art is topped off with an awesome viewing platform. Take in the breath-taking views of the capital with the whole family.

Photograph of the viewing level at Tate Modern with people peering over the top towards St Pauls

10. Have fun

On your visit try one of these activities in the galleries. 

Strike a pose

Get someone to secretly choose an artwork. Once they have looked carefully at the artwork, find a space in the room and try to recreate that artwork using their body. The rest of the group can then try and spot the artwork the pose was inspired by. 

Give us a clue

One person should find a portrait in the gallery that reminds them of someone famous or someone you all know (perhaps a neighbour or a friend). With the help of clues, the rest of the group can guess the chosen person.

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