Pick-up activities at Tate Modern

Check out the free activities for families at Tate Modern.

Experience art in a new way with exciting ideas to get you talking and creating in the galleries together as a family.

Collection Case

A free daily resource for Early Years.

If you’re visiting Tate Modern with children we have a Early Years activity to support your visit.

Including curious objects and trigger words to encourage your exploration, Collection Case is designed for children and adults to embark on a creative exploration of artworks in the Materials and Objects  display at Tate Modern.

This activity is free and located at the Clore Welcome Room, Boiler House L0 and is offered on a first come first served basis.

This resource is recommended for children aged 4 and up. 

A pair of three brown suitcases are piled on top of each other. The top one is open with random objects inside including a feather and a photograph

​© Lucy Dawkins, Tate Photography 2016


Explore Tate Modern’s spaces and art displays in new ways, with exciting ideas to get you talking and creating in the galleries together as a family.

Available from outside the Start Display.

Family welcome cards

Each card suggests a room and artworks to visit in our free collection display, and introduces themes and activities to explore artworks together as a family.

Recommended for children of all ages.

Photograph of three family resources

Sonic Trails

We’ve asked some of the most exciting sound artists to make some artwork just for you.

Get your device and headphones, click play and go on a sound journey through the Tate Modern with Sonic Trails.

Photograph of a boy with headphones on

© Olivia Hemminway