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New interactive digital projects at Tate Modern – Bloomberg Connects – invite you to connect with art, artists and other visitors and make your ideas visible around the gallery.

Make your mark on Tate Modern

If visiting Tate Modern stirs up your creative impulses, the digital drawing bar on Level 3 is the place to express yourself. Create your masterpiece and see it displayed instantly, becoming part of a virtual mosaic of visitors’ visual imagination. Take a look at some highlights.

A man using the interactive drawing screens at Tate Modern

Bloomberg Connects Drawing Bar

© Tate Photography

Can art change society? What moved you today? Is everyone an artist?

Add your voice to an art debate or share your art experiences on the interactive screens on Levels 2 and 4. The most inspiring comments are displayed on a stream of screens running through the building.

Everyone’s an expert

You don’t have to be an art historian to make sense of an artwork. Scientist, knitter, dancer, gardener? Everyone comes to the gallery with unique expertise. Share it: compose your own caption for an artwork on display. Visit the interactive screens on Level 4.

A man stands in front of the Viewpoints interactive screen

Bloomberg Connects Viewpoints

© Tate Photography

Two people using the Viewpoints interactive question screen

Bloomberg Connects Viewpoints

© Tate Photography

Connect with artists

What better way to understand an artist than to see where they work? The Global Studios project invites you into artists’ studios around the world. 

Explore their work and where it comes from, then submit a question for the artist. Visit the Bloomberg Connects Global Studios space on Level 2 or check out the latest artist responses.

TateShots: Museum of Contemporary African Art

For more ways to connect with the collection, the Bloomberg Connects multimedia guide offers historical context, music, interviews illuminating the collection displays.

Two people holding the multimedia guides at Tate Modern

Bloomberg Connects multimedia guide

© Tate Photography

As you explore the collection, pause in the interactive cinema space on Level 3 where you can browse films about artists, performances and major exhibitions from Bloomberg Connects TateShots

Explore. Connect. Win.

For playful ways to discover Tate’s collection, try one of our game apps:

Wish you were here

Give friends and family a flavour of your visit by sending a video postcard from Level 0.