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Clore Sky Studio The Six Pillars Of Modernism

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Take a stroll across a bespoke carpet

Modernism championed innovation and experimentation in art forms, materials and techniques in order to create artworks that better reflected society. St Ives became a centre for these developments from the 1940s to the 1960s. Embracing the story of modernism, and the special relationship it has with St Ives, artists Ella Frears and Ben Sanderson have playfully drawn on the language of modern art, design and architecture to create this alternative modernist lounge.

Take a stroll across their bespoke carpet which disrupts notions of taste and representation by borrowing from these languages to become a pastiche of modernism. Each pillar stands for a principle of modernism: ideas of piercing forms, use of colour, international networks, a sense of being in this landscape (and at the right social gatherings) at a key moment in the development of modernism. The final pillar gives a nod to the Festival of Britain 1951, which aimed to promote the feeling of recovery in post-war Britain and lift the spirits of the nation, here Frears and Sanderson aim to lift the visitor’s spirits in jest.

Please feel free to take your shoes off, sit, lie, move, play, dance, think, imagine, talk, take in the landscape, start a conversation… What does modernism mean to you?

A Tate St Ives Artists Programme project by artists Ella Frears and Ben Sanderson

View of the Clore Sky Space and terrace

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