Tate St Ives print series

Linder, Fantesse 2013
Simon Periton 'Il Cornuto'
Francis Baudevin 'Untitled [ti] [di] [kei]' 2011
Lily van der Stokker 'Kissy' 2010
Peter Lanyon 'Levant Mine Ruins' 2010
Richard Deacon '9 x 9' 2005
Alan Davie 'Susan's Delight' 2003
Adam Chodzko 'Tashkent, Tierra Del Fuego, coastal path between St Ives and Zennor, Cornwall' 2008
Toby Paterson 'St. Ives Axonometric, Blue' 2006
Ben Nicholson '1945 (design for an act drop)'
Callum Innes 'Untitled' 2004
John Hoyland '1969' 2006
Karl Weschke 'Fire-Eater' 2004
Bryan Pearce 'Westcotts Quay 1980' 2007
Richard Long 'Cornish Slate Drawing' 2002
Ian Hamilton Finlay 'Roses I' and 'Roses II' 2002
Simon Starling China Clay Proof 2011
David Nash Pyramid, Sphere, Cube 2004
Heimo Zobernig (born 1958) ohne Titel 2008
Roger Hilton 1911 – 1975 Untitled 2006
Peter Fraser Marseilles 1990
Steve Claydon Thames and Thames and Thames and Thames (Japanese Orange) 2013

Tate St Ives produces prints to accompany its exhibition programme. Editions are sold throughout the year.

When you purchase a print from this series, over 70% of the income is invested in the Tate St Ives education and exhibitions programme.

  • To order, please download and print the order form [PDF, 204 Kb] and return it to the address within
  • If you prefer, you may request a paper order form: call +44 (0)1736 796226

A range of Tate St Ives prints is also available in the Tate Online Shop.